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February 13, 2018

Best Areas to Stay for Pet Lovers

San Francisco is filled with some of the most pet-friendly people you'll ever meet. If you're planning to bring a pet with you to San Francisco, it's important to look for a neighborhood that caters to visitors with pets. As in any major city, the pet laws here can be hit or miss, depending on the neighborhood you're staying in.

Typically, pet-friendly neighborhoods will have one or more parks nearby, where dogs (and maybe even cats) can roam. You'll also want to make sure the hotel you are staying at explicitly mentions that your pet is allowed to stay with you.

The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels

Not every hotel in San Francisco is pet-friendly, and not every pet-friendly hotel provides complimentary services. The Argonaut Hotel, for example, is an upscale hotel located in Fisherman's Wharf. They are happy to provide lodging for you and your dog or cat; however, you will be required to pay an additional fee. On the other hand, Union Square hotels Hotel Zelos and the Sir Francis Drake Hotel are happy to provide lodging for your pet without an additional fee. Find a hotel.

The Best Pet-Friendly Restaurants

There are a surprising number of pet-friendly restaurants in San Francisco. One of the most popular is Hops & Hominy, a rustic and Southern-style restaurant that welcomes both dogs and cats. Another popular option is Kitchen Story. This California and Asian fusion restaurant even has a few things on the menu for your pet as well.

The Best Outdoor Areas to Visit for Pet Lovers

While pet-friendly hotels and restaurants are important, your dog or cat probably wants to enjoy some fresh air. Here are some choice spots for pets—and their owners—to enjoy the sunshine.

  • Crissy Field: Crissy Field is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and is a popular with both San Francisco visitors and residents. You'll find plenty of dogs (and sometimes other animals) roaming the many acres of grassy fields here. If you want to stay near Crissy Field, one of the top pet-friendly hotels is the Inn at the Presidio. This popular hotel offers a modern yet approachable vibe, which is perfect for pet lovers of all stripes. The hotel also provides food and water bowls for your pet, so that's one less thing you need to pack with you. Another pet friendly hotel near the Presidio is Travelodge at the Presidio. Find a hotel.
  • McLaren Park, Excelsior: The Excelsior neighborhood is located in the southern part of the city near Mission Street, and is home to one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in San Francisco. McLaren Park has sweeping views, a large off-leash area for dogs, and a doggie pond for your pet to frolic in. While there aren't any hotels in the Excelsior neighborhood that cater to pets, it's still a great place to go visit. Find a hotel.
  • Huntington Park, Nob Hill: Nob Hill is one of the most iconic and popular neighborhoods in San Francisco. For pet lovers, Huntington Park offers an excellent opportunity to get fresh air in a tranquil environment. Huntington Park is best suited for well-behaved dogs and other pets. If you want to stay in the Nob Hill area with your pet, The Marker San Francisco is one of the few pet-friendly hotels  near this upscale neighborhood. The hotel itself is a boutique hotel that caters to their clientele, and the front desk will typically be happy to fulfill any reasonable pet-related requests you ask of them. Find a hotel.

If you're planning to visit San Francisco with your pet, make sure to plan the trip ahead of time, so that you can get the most out of your trip while also keeping your pet happy. Plan your trip to San Francisco.

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