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January 6, 2017

Where to Eat in San Francisco This Month: A Visual Guide

San Francisco is so damn delicious, but the problem is that the food scene within these 49 square miles changes so much that it's hard to keep up (even for us locals). Luckily, there's Instagram to help us decide where to eat next. Get ready to salivate. This is where you should eat next.

Tratto (501 Geary Blvd.)

Tratto technically means "the stroke of a pen" or "a mark" in Italian, but to us it just means delicious. To say the menu of homemade pastas, sausage and pizzas is simple is an understatement. It's flavorful. Just look at the pasta.

Teo Restaurant (1111 Mission St.)

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Teo's food might look like Chinese food, but that would be just ignorant of us. It is Chinese food: specifically, it's Teo Chew, also known as Chui Chow or Chaozhou, a regional Chinese cuisine. During lunch time, warm your bones with a bowl of beef noodle soup or Teo traditional rice noodle porridge, which you can't get anywhere else in the Bay. After lunch, Teo classes it up for dinner with exceptional dishes like abalone and cooked crab (Teo style). This a perfect stop for a lunchtime snack, sit-down dinner or everything in between. They do have a bar.

Central Station Deli (728 Vallejo St.)

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If you thought the bread choice among locals is sourdough, nine out of ten times you'd be wrong. It's actually Dutch Crunch, another type of bread you can only find in San Francisco and the Bay Area. There's no debate about that. However, there is a debate about what goes between the bread and where to get it. Enter Central Station Deli, North Beach's newest sandwich stalwart, giving Molinari's a run for its money.

Finn Town (2511 Market St.)

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From the mind of nationally-known San Francisco chef Ryan Scott comes his newest venture in the Castro, Finn Town. A tavern with a twist, the menu includes those delicious deviled eggs seen above, as well as a double-stacked burger that you'll definitely need napkins for (not that that's a bad thing). Rounding out the menu is their cornflake-crusted fried chicken sandwich and decadent desserts like Death by Chocolate. Here's a little bit of trivia, so you look like you know a thing or two when you go there: Finn Town is the original name of the Castro neighborhood.

Rouge (1500 Broadway)

It's San Francisco quirkiness at its finest, and perhaps the only known taqueria/high-end nightclub in the city. Since 2002, Rouge has shared their space with everyone's favorite taco spot (not in the Mission). It's a win-win, since the space is only used partially by both, but a win-win-win for everyone else. Pro Tip: Although it might sound like a great idea to check out this place on Taco Tuesday, everyone else has the same exact thought as you do. Check it out any other day if you want to avoid the crowd.

Lemonade (781 Mission St.)

Starting out 2017 on a healthy kick? So are we. Lemonade says it's a modern marketplace, but really it's a cool play on the old-school cafeteria, with delicious sides, salads and soups. Just grab a tray and point to what you want. Everything is delicious and healthy (with maybe an exception for that sandwich above).

Waxman's (900 North Point St.)

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If you find yourself in Fisherman's Wharf and you're not in the mood for crab, oysters or seafood (we get it, you can only have so much), there's a classy spot just for you right in the historic Ghirardelli Square. It's called Waxman's. The menu highlights the Bay Area's seasonality and fresh farmers' market ingredients. That means the menu changes one day to the next, and that duck you see might not be there, so go here as fast as you can.

Barcha (28 Fremont St.)

In the heart of the Financial District, sits this Mediterranean oasis serving bistro-style small plates with a hint of Parisian flair, mixed with Turkish, Tunisian and Spanish influences. Think tapas, falafels and shwarma on the same menu. We call that a winning menu.

White Chapel (600 Polk St.)

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After you've made your way through this list, you'll probably be thirsty. For a nightcap and another burger (when in San Francisco, right?), head to one America's best bars, White Chapel. As you cross the threshold, you'll be transported to the London Tube, minus the grime but with a lot of gin--almost 400 different kinds of gin. This is a place where it's OK to ask for the bartender's choice.

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