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Every year more than 24 million new and returning visitors come to San Francisco from all over the world. You may be the first person they meet. The impression you make and excellent service you offer will make an important difference to their visit. You are vitally important. We want our visitors to have a wonderful experience and return again and again. MYSF is designed to empower tourism employees by providing current destination knowledge about San Francisco.

San Francisco is filled with some of the most pet-friendly people you'll ever meet. If you're planning to bring a pet with you to San Francisco, it's important to look for a neighborhood that caters to visitors with pets. As in any major city, the pet laws here can be hit or miss, depending on the neighborhood you're staying in.

Typically, pet-friendly neighborhoods will have one or more parks nearby, where dogs (and maybe even cats) can roam. You'll also want to make sure the hotel you are staying at explicitly mentions that your pet is allowed to stay with you.

San Francisco is a city of spectacle. From the scenic vistas of the bay to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco never ceases to amaze both residents and visitors alike. For those looking to visit the City by the Bay, there are hundreds of excellent hotels to choose from.

San Francisco is as iconic a travel destination as there is. There's a world-famous landmark on every corner. Visitors can climb every steep hill and see treasures like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and Coit Tower. Whether shrouded by fog or kissed by the California sun, you'll spend your days riding cable cars, perusing world-class museums and galleries, and deciding between fresh seafood on the Wharf or dim sum in Chinatown. There's no finer way to end your day than by retiring to one of San Francisco's top-rated luxury hotels.

San Francisco is a city that likes to read. All you have to do is look around Muni, BART or even at a bar and you'll see heads buried in the pages of the next great novel

No weekend is ever the same in San Francisco, but it always leaves you with the same feeling. You always want more. Here's what you shouldn't miss this weekend.