San Francisco


Sweeping views and grand Victorians, pride of place and person coalesce in an area embracing the “gay capital of the world.” Castro, Diamond Heights/Twin Peaks, Glen Park, Noe Valley, Upper Market San Francisco’s historic F-Line streetcars are one of the best ways to reach the Castro and Upper Market areas. The Castro, known at the “gay capital of the world,” and nearby Noe Valley, offer village-like amenities including pedestrian-friendly streets, Victorian homes in historic Eureka Valley, an array of trendy stores and outdoor cafes for the “see and scene” crowd. The upper stretch of Market Street coils around the lower reaches of Twin Peaks. Noted for their sweeping vistas of the Bay Area, these crests are popular with sightseers. Glen Park on the lower slopes of Diamond Heights has a canyon park and is near a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station. “Did you know the exact center of San Francisco is located at 20th and Douglass streets?”

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