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September 25, 2015

4 Installations You Need to See During the Prototyping Festival

The streets of San Francisco boast innovation and creativity 365 days a year. After all, we're home to the Innovation Hanger, Exploratorium, Children's Creativity Museum and California Academy of Sciences — just to name a few.

But now it's Central Market's turn to shine. From Sept. 27 - Oct. 25, Market Street will transform from a bustling business and shopping hub to a massive living art canvas, as bold and imaginative art installations come to life between Sixth and Seventh streets during the Market Street Prototyping Festival. Two new projects will be showcased, including a Living Innovation Zone and a project designed in collaboration with the Central Market Community. Here are some of our top picks for experiences you won't want to miss:

  • Bench-Go-Round
    The Bench-Go-Round is a bench meets merry-go-round. One can use the bench alone for seating, but when someone sits on the opposite bench, a surprising and delightful physical relationship between the two people is formed.
  • The People's Table
    With the current transformation of Mid-Market in full swing, put some play and fun into your daily life with a friendly game of ping pong. Challenge a friend or engage a stranger with some friendly competition.
  • Common Ground
    A game that requires interaction between people moving by and people staying put. The greater the participation, the greater the reward. Experiment with how three simple surfaces—seating, landscape and pavement—can create surprising results.
  • Tenderloin ExerTrail
    The Tenderloin ExerTrail is an accessible, scalable, outdoor urban exercise path. A painted sidewalk route will lead participants from one activity station to another, encouraging physical fitness and social connection while offering an artful sense of place.

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