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10 Free Things for Families to Do in San Francisco

Worried about how the family can vacation together without breaking the piggy bank? San Francisco abounds with things to do, places to go and sights to see, many at no charge.

What's New in San Francisco 2014

A comprehensive listing of new venues, attractions and activities to enjoy in San Francsico this season.

Festivals and Special Events 2014

The following events are held on an annual basis and are updated throughout the year.

10 Things Not to Miss in San Francisco

One of the nicest things about visiting San Francisco is that, although the city is “big” in terms of attractions and amenities, it is geographically small – only 49 square miles.

49 Mile Scenic Drive-- A Brief History

Marked by blue-white-and-orange seagull signs, the half-day drive through The City’s most accessible scenic and historic points circuits Civic Center, Japantown, Union Square, Chinatown, North Beach and Telegraph Hill.

2014 and Beyond San Francisco's New Developments

New offerings and an improved design are at the heart of plans for the SFJAZZ Center, Exploratorium, Bay Bridge, Treasure Island and more.

Angel Island: Ellis Island of the West

"This place is called an island of immortals, But in fact the mountain wilderness is a prison. Once you see the open net, why throw yourself in? It is only because of empty pockets I can do nothing else."

Cable Cars

Ever ride a national landmark? It’s being done everyday by both tourists and natives in San Francisco.

San Francisco Travel Association Release 2012 Economic Impact Figures

The San Francisco Travel Association released the results of its year-long Visitor Profile Research and its annual estimate of the economic impact of the tourism industry in San Francisco. 

Exploring San Francisco by BART station by station

The clean, comfortable and economical trains of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system take visitors nearly to the doorstep of several top San Francisco attractions.

FTP - Links to Photos of San Francisco Points of Interest

San Francisco is a scenic, photogenic city with a treasure trove of arts, architecture, culture, and more.

Golden Gate Park Roundup

One of the largest urban parks in the world, Golden Gate Park stretches for three miles on the western edge of San Francisco.

History of SF's Green Movement

The “green” movement in San Francisco is hardly a 21st Century phenomena that’s new or trendy.

San Francisco Honors and Awards

San Francisco is recognized year after year as the premier destination for conventions, meetings, events and leisure travel.

Hotel Happy Hours

Fortunately for both visitors and locals, several hotels are offering special drink prices and nibbles to make those hours even happier.

Resources and Services for Journalists

At San Francisco Travel, we represent more than 1,700 businesses in and around San Francisco and assist thousands of journalists each year.

San Francisco 100 Years of Tourism

The hospitality and tourism industry is the number one industry in San Francisco, responsible for an economic impact of $8.34 billion per year. Destination marketing is nothing new – San Francisco has been promoting the economic vitality of the region and enticing visitors for more than 100 years.

San Francisco Brunches

San Francisco offers many different ways to spice up a Sunday brunch and pair entertainment with good food.

San Francisco Chocolate

Only in San Francisco, with its rich and lucious history of food, can one find four of the nation's 11 major chocolate manufacturers and a disproportionate number of unique boutique chocolatiers.

San Francisco Fact Sheet

Latest data available from the San Francisco Travel Association, California Department of Finance, and various industry sources; see final page for annotated resources.

San Francisco Farmer's Markets

A typical farmers market begins hours before the yoke of the sun rises beyond the eastern horizon.

San Francisco Food Firsts and Facts

San Francisco is as famous for its restaurants and food trends as it is for its Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars.

San Francisco for beginners -- What to see on the first visit

There is enough to experience and explore in San Francisco to fill a hundred itineraries but most visitors want to see the more famous sites right away.

San Francisco Hotel Updates and Upgrades

More than a dozen San Francisco hotels have recently completed major upgrades. Several have emerged from these transformations with new names or a re-flag under another hotel brand.

San Francisco in 50, 100 and 250 words

Famous for scenic beauty, cultural attractions, diverse communities and world-class cuisine, San Francisco’s landmarks include the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, Chinatown, Union Square, North Beach, the Castro district and Mission Dolores.

San Francisco in the Movies

Photogenic San Francisco has always been a muse to great film makers.  Beyond being a favorite of director Alfred Hitchcock, who used the Bay Area as a setting for three of his films, Bay Area-based directors such as Chris Columbus, Philip Kaufman, Peter Weir and David Fincher have also featured “the City by the Bay” in starring roles.

San Francisco Liquor Trends

In 1919, Prohibition closed the historic Bank Exchange & Billiard Saloon where the Transamerica Pyramid now stands and Pisco Punch was no longer served in San Francisco.

San Francisco Museum Cafes

In San Francisco food is an art form – so much so that some visit the city’s many museums just for the food. Museum cafes and restaurants have created fine dining masterpieces to complement seasonal and permanent exhibits.

San Francisco Museums and Performing Arts Groups Combine Cocktails and Culture

While the club scene in San Francisco is still a lure, some of the latest hot spots are to be found in major museums and arts organizations in the city.

San Francisco Quotables

San Franciscans "are very proud of their city, and they should be. It’s the most beautiful place in the world." Actor and director Robert Redford San Francisco Chronicle, August 22, 2003 

San Francisco Spas offer Massages, Facials, Wraps and more

The San Francisco Bay Area has an impressive number of spas with unique elements including international inspirations, city, vineyard and ocean views and secluded locations.

San Francisco Talking Points

San Francisco, one of the world’s favorite cities, has a magnetic appeal that makes it an ideal year-round destination. With spectacular views and appealing scenery, it has easily become America’s most beautiful city.

San Francisco Travel Applications Make Navigating San Francisco Easier than Ever

San Francisco, one of the world’s favorite cities, has a magnetic appeal that makes it an ideal year-round destination. With spectacular views and appealing scenery, it has easily become America’s most beautiful city.

San Francisco Values Endure the Test of Time

“San Francisco values.” Something new? There’s some strong evidence to the contrary dating as far back as 1849.

San Francisco Wine Hot Spots

San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area is home to some of the most esteemed tasting rooms as well as hotels and restaurants, which feature an impressive list of wines.

San Francisco’s “Got Game”

Home to numerous public parks, recreation centers and hilly streets, San Francisco is an ideal hub for sports enthusiasts and workout warriors who want to get their athletic fix while visiting.

$56 Million renovation of San Francisco’s Moscone Center completed

San Francisco’s Moscone Center has emerged from a two-year, $56 million renovation of the North and South buildings with a combined 1.2 million square feet of function space.

SFO Airport A Destination

Arriving early for check-in and security at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) just may elicit a sigh of contentment. The airport’s “jetiquette” makes traveling welcoming, interesting, fun, and -- dare we say – relaxing.

SFO: Value Beyond Price and Convenience

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the airport of choice to and from almost 100 destinations worldwide on the leading international, domestic and low-cost carriers.

Tour of San Francisco International Airport

The SFO terminal is a perfect place to start getting acquainted with San Francisco before you leave to the city, or wrap up before you return home.

Value$ in San Francisco

With all the coverage of “San Francisco values” in the political arena, it only seems fair that equal time be given to the other kind of values in San Francisco.

San Francisco Travel Apps

With San Francisco being at the forefront of technology, hundreds of phone applications (apps) are available to help locals and visitors navigate the streets of San Francisco