WEC 2015

Thank You, WEC Attendees

Moscone Center

747 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA. 94103

You've probably heard us say "San Francisco. It Begins Here."

But what does it mean? Go ahead, think. What pops into your mind?

Is it the first cable car? The early development of all-electronic television? The martini?

All of those things began in San Francisco. We’ve been a city of innovation for more than 100 years and that tradition is now stronger than ever. Companies like Twitter, Tesla, and Apple continue to redefine the products that shape our world, and their work began here in the Bay Area.

But innovation isn’t limited to the tech scene. San Francisco’s landscape is rapidly changing. Major sporting developments such as Super Bowl 50 and the Golden State Warriors’ new arena in Mission Bay will add to our appeal as a global destination. And Moscone Center, the city’s premier convention and meeting space, is being expanded to accommodate larger and better events.

Everything is beginning here in San Francisco, which is why we’re proud to be hosting the 2015 Meeting Professionals International World Education Congress. We want the spirit of innovation to fuel your experience in our great city. Take advantage of all the opportunities the city and the conference affords you. Let this be the place where you take the next step forward. In San Francisco, when we say it begins here, we mean it.

Joe D'Alessandro

President & CEO

San Francisco Travel Association

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Arrive early. Stay longer. Enjoy every minute. It’s San Francisco.

San Francisco can prove to be a compelling lure when it comes to attracting record-breaking attendances. Here are a few reasons to come early or stay later.