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May 4, 2015

17 Refreshing Moments from San Francisco and the Bay Area This Past Weekend

Whether it's food on your plate, a drink in your hand, a gorgeous sunset that made you stare or simply Karl the Fog rolling over the hills, San Francisco (and the Bay Area) is one refreshing place. Here are the best #AlwaysSF refreshing photos this past weekend. Look for our next challenge on Instagram this Friday.

Exhausted but my mind is running a mile so here's a post of one of my favorite views just beyond SF

A photo posted by Yaz Photographer @ (@yazbadri) on

#sf #AlwaysSF

A photo posted by Corey Davis (@corey_matthew) on


A photo posted by Maggie (@magygram) on

World Champions # #sfgiants

A photo posted by Kelly (@kbetti) on

May we observe such a rise of the sun!

A photo posted by Jeff Ramiro | San Jose, Ca (@freymir) on

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