Relive San Francisco Pride throughout the years with these sexy pictures.

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June 26, 2019

19 Pictures of Sexy from San Francisco Pride

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It’s that time of year again. Pride season has arrived, and it’s time to start making plans to take in your favorite. What started as a “sit-in” in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in 1972 has morphed into a worldwide celebration drawing more than a million celebrants annually.

With its rich history of culture and liberationist politics, San Francisco is the quintessential pride mecca.

But let us show, rather than tell, the true meaning of San Francisco Pride.

Here are 19 of the cities sexiest pride moments.

1. The more things change, the more they stay the same, 1978

2. For the People, 1978

Harvey Milk, a reason to be proud.

3. Eyes on the prize, 1986

Don't forget your camera.

4. Public Servants, 1986

The police and fire departments have been integrated for decades. Thanks!

5. Dancin’ Daze, 1986

We'd complain about the cutoff shorts that were popular back in the day, but these fit too well!

6. Easy Riders, 1986

Who doesn't love a lady on a bike?

7. Ride a Colt, 2006

Basic red with white trim. We're not complaining.

8. Butterflies are Free, 2009

The sunflower is a nice touch.

9. I Do, 2009

We do too.

10. Towel Off, 2009

We suddenly feel inspired to hit the gym.

11. He-Haw, 2009

Maybe we just have a thing for overalls.

12. M-I-C-G-A-Y, 2012

Yes. Just, yes.

13. Local Heroes, 2013

Kristin Perry and Sandy Stier celebrating their pride. Th couple sued over the legality of Proposition 8, winning the freedom to marry for thousands.

14. Stilted, 2014

Tall, bright and fabulous. And the view is good from up there, very good.

15. Center Stage City Hall, 2015

Where better to celebrate than where the fight for marriage equality began?

16. Pride Car, 2016

San Francisco treat, indeed.

17. Gays a Go-Go, 2016

Let's dance.

18. Balloon Animals, 2017

Is he texting?

19. The party continues in the Castro, after the rally, 2017


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