The Best Margaritas in Town

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August 20, 2014

The Best Margaritas in Town

Whether it's Cinco de Mayo, National Tequila Day or just a regular day, one way to celebrate is to grab your friends and head to your favorite margarita place. As long as you’re coming together and enjoying each other’s company, there is no wrong way to celebrate. So this got us wondering. What is your favorite place to grab a margarita in the city?

After taking a social survey of both our Facebook and Twitter communities, here are the top places to grab a margarita in San Francisco.

6.  Tacolicious (741 Valencia St.)
A new-comer to the Mission, the newest outpost of this Marina hotspot isn’t lacking in the margarita or tequila departments. With stunning artwork adorning the outside patio, you could post up here for hours and never leave, enjoying the beautiful weather.

5. Nick’s Crispy Tacos (1500 Broadway)
A place tucked away to the side of a bar on Polk Street that is known for their delicious tacos (get them Nick’s Way), Nick’s Crispy Tacos is also a favorite for their margaritas. Better get here quick, this place is popular.

4. Tropisueno (75 Yerba Buena Lane)
Just off of Market Street on Yerba Buena Lane, Tropisueno is SOMA’s best-kept secret. Known for their fresh, delicious food, and also for their genius marketing. They once had a promotion where bringing five friends to the restaurant could get you free drinks all night long. We can’t wait to see what they do this Cinco de Mayo.

3. Latin American Club (3286 22nd Street)
Latin American Club is probably has the strongest margaritas on this list. Right in the heart of the Mission District at 22nd and Valencia, this spot has margaritas that will sneak up on you. Be forewarned, this place is not for amateurs.

2. Puerto Alegre (546 Valencia Street)
Always a wait at this authentic Mexican restaurant, Puerto Alegre is many people’s first introduction to Mexican food in the Mission District. This restaurant’s lively atmosphere along with the margaritas is what brings people back. Plus it’s always a special treat when the mariachi band serenades you.

1. Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant (5929 Geary Boulevard)
A discussion about margaritas in San Francisco can never be complete without mentioning Tommy’s. Located in the Richmond neighborhood, Tommy’s has been serving happy patrons since 1965. They pour one of the most extensive collection of 100% agave tequila outside of Mexico. No wonder many believe they serve the best margaritas around.

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