Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking runs through January 10, 2016

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Legion of Honor Museum
November 18, 2015
Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking runs through January 10, 2016

Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking

The Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking exhibit has ended. Please visit the Legion of Honor for current exhibitions.

Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking,  on view at the Legion of Honor's Special Exhibitions Galleries through Jan. 10, 2016, explores the history of the acclaimed watch and clock maker, and the company’s cutting-edge innovations which transformed the nature of personal timekeeping. The exhibition includes more than 80 timepieces, as well as displays describing the technology that exemplified Abraham-Louis Breguet’s reputation as “the father of modern horology.”

From its beginnings in Paris in 1775, the Breguet company advanced great technical developments such as the self-winding watch, the first wristwatch, the repeating mechanism and most notably, the tourbillon. Breguet’s reputation for ingenuity, as well as the reliability and portability of its watches, led to the company’s watches being considered objects of great prestige, worn by the powerful and elite in Europe, including Napoleon Bonaparte, Tsar Alexander I and Queen Victoria. The most famous Breguet timepiece linked to a European monarch is the world-renowned “Marie-Antoinette” pocket watch, No. 160. This extraordinary piece took 44 years to make and was the most complicated watch of its time.

During the 19th century, Breguet expanded its business into countries beyond France, supplying elegant timepieces to customers in Europe, Russia and the United States. Today Breguet is a name known throughout the world.

Tickets can be purchased on site or at Legion of Honor.

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