Macy's Union Square presents spectacular gardens of live flowers, plants, and trees in its annual Flower Show to start the spring season.

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Macy's Union Square
February 12, 2020
Voyage to Oceanum at the Macy's Flower Show in San Francisco this Spring

Celebrate Spring at the Macy's Flower Show in Union Square

For more than 70 years, the Macy's Flower Show® has delighted generations of floral aficionados with spectacular gardens filled with millions of live flowers, plants, and trees from around the world. Held over two weeks, the show offers a unique opportunity to enjoy magnificent blossoms in a special setting. 

The 2020 Macy's Flower Show will be on display from March 22 to April 5, during Macy's Union Square store hours.

Flower Show History

In 1946, Macy's California held the first flower presentation in a store environment, with displays of potted plants and orchids. A few years later, Macy's Union Square started an annual event featuring themed gardens in what was to become the Macy's Flower Show that we know today.

The 2002 Flower Show, "Art of the Flower", presented in both San Francisco and New York, attracted a combined 100,000 attendees through its presentation of floral arrangements and scenes imagined beyond the frames of well-known artwork. This was the first show to use the now-familiar three presentation components: a central theme, an extravagant daily-changing "bouquet of the day," and an elaborate centerpiece to welcome visitors.

Each year, local nursery partners are secured to bring in highly colorful and interesting plant and tree species representing different climates around the globe. Getting all the plants to bloom at the same time is an enormous challenge, requiring varying temperature and irrigation needs to ensure the displays look their best for opening day.

Produced by the Macy's Parade & Entertainment Group, today the Flower Show is a national tradition, with flagships stores across the country welcoming more than half a million visitors and displaying more than one million flowers in each location. The Macy's Special Events team annually complements the displays in Union Square with custom events, such as live music performances, floral workshops, spring fashion shows, cooking demonstrations, guided tours, and more.

For more history on the Flower Show, visit Macy's online.

2020 Event Information

2020's theme is Voyage to Oceanum: A Sea of Inspiration, promising guests an "exciting under-the-ocean odyssey, discovering long-lost treasures and breathtaking aquatic beauty along the way." Stay tuned to Macy's online for information on unique store events. You can view a recap of 2019's "Journey to Paradisios here.

Current San Francisco Travel partners can enjoy a sneak preview of the 2020 Flower Show at our networking breakfast on March 20. More information here.

The Macy's Flower Show is just one of many annual events at historic Macy's Union Square. Located in the shopping and dining center of San Francisco, Union Square, Macy's offers fashion, dining, and special experiences throughout the year.

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