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Event Inspiration: A Holiday Party All About Communicating

Find out how San Francisco Travel's partners help create memorable experiences for convention attendees.

San Francisco Travel has a wide network of vendors and partners ready to make your next San Francisco event a true gem. We recently caught up with Benchmark Destinations, Inc. to find out what type of holiday events they planned for their clients this year. 

A client approached Benchmark Destinations, Inc. and asked that the theme for their 800-person holiday event match what their department does day in and day out: communication. The party was held at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in the South of Market neighborhood. The museum has several distinct spaces and galleries throughout the venue that were each designed to embody various forms of communication.

The “Telephone Room” was a lounge space that showcased telephones throughout the ages, and had custom switchboards that coupled as tables.

The “Radio Room” was where party goers could find the DJ, as well as a background of boom boxes and images of radios.

The “Writing Room” was a quieter area of the venue.  It was adorned with antique desks and guest were provided with supplies to write their own messages to friends and family. 

Photo booths, live feeds, and a magnetic hashtag wall could be found in the “Social Media” Room.

Benchmark Destinations played off one of the museum's current exhibits for the “Tattoo Station.”  In the gallery exhibit of the history of tattoos, guests could get their own (temporary) tattoos that were custom made for the event.

Graphics were projected on the walls and ceilings of the museum to help enhance the themes in each room without taking up too much space.

Want to bring some of these activations to your next San Francisco event? Contact our Convention Services team. They can connect you to all of our local partners, including venues and vendors, for free! Let San Francisco Travel help you stage an event your attendees will never forget.

All images courtesy of Benchmark Destinations, Inc.