Augmented reality polar bear

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March 7, 2018
Experience an augmented reality polar bear

Experience Augmented Reality at Aquarium of the Bay

Get up close and personal with some of your favorite marine life through the Aquarium of the Bay's interactive augmented and virtual reality film presentations.

Sponsored by Big Bus Tours and projected onto a 20-foot screen, the two shows, The Ocean Adventure and The Arctic Explorer, developed by London-based, INDE BroadcastAR, allow guests to "touch" images of various animals from the sea, including whales, dolphins, walrus, polar bears, penguins and seals. High-resolution images of guests interacting with these augmented reality (AR) shows will be available for sale from Snapshare. This AR experience will be shown in the Farallon Room at the Aquarium.

Also available to experience at the Aquarium is The Click Effect, one of the most successful virtual reality (VR) experiences to date. Taking guests on a free-dive down to 100-feet into the ocean depths to swim with dolphins, pilot whales and giant sperm whales, The Click Effect is the first VR film at the Aquarium. The Virtual Reality Micro Theater was developed specifically for museums, zoos, planetariums and aquariums, and features custom hardware and software allowing synchronous play on headsets for a shared experience by viewers. The Click Effect was shot in 2016 by veteran filmmaker Sandy Smolan and best-selling author James Nestor, and has won the Lumiere Award for Best VR Documentary.

The Aquarium of the Bay is conveniently located within PIER 39 alongside the Embarcadero and adjacent to Fisherman's Wharf. For more information on the Aquarium, including hours and ticket availability, and to view additional featured events, please visit the Aquarium of the Bay online.

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