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August 26, 2015

Find the Perfect Bike for You!

Yes, the infamous hills exist. We’ve heard that they even grow taller when you are almost at the top. For those cyclists wanting to embrace the challenge, Spinlister recommends renting Adrian’s Specialized Tarmac, Adam’s Cannondale Synapse Carbon Fiber, or any of the many road bikes listed in the heart of San Francisco.

We also want to share two of our favorite local riding areas, both of which will showcase breathtaking vistas of the city. The Panhandle, which is the long elongated handle-shaped entrance on the east end of Golden Gate Park, is a good starting point (especially on car-free Sundays and holidays in the northern part). For those who want to make a circuit along fairly flat terrain, try the Lake Merced Loop. The wide bike path will guide you around the lake, back to the Great Highway and over to the park. On the way, you’ll be able to grab a cup of joe and a healthy bite at Java Café, or relax in the back garden of the Beach Chalet Brewery for a beer and burger.

If you’re looking to really experience the hills of San Francisco, try Sutro Heights. You’ll get to pass the historic Cliff House and Sutro Baths, now in ruins but once a landmark of San Francisco. For even more of a challenge, the "mountains" are just ahead. Reset as you roll through the mansions of Sea Cliff, then kick it into high gear to climb up to and over the Golden Gate Bridge. Climb two is complete! Now get ready to climb 500 feet in 1.7 miles up Hawk Hill among some of the top athletes in the area. Even if you don’t break the current record of six minutes to the top, stop and look back at where you came from. You will have a view of the majority of your route. If this is your only time to ride Hawk, we recommend going over the back side, winding through the Marin Headlands, and riding back to the bridge. It’s only an extra 20-30 minutes at a moderate pace and is well worth it. Make sure to take the first part of the descent slowly, as the hill drops quickly with sharp turns before becoming rolling hills. A long, steep climb takes you up McCullough Road and back to the bridge. You can also go back the way you came and enjoy the accomplishment of completing a great ride.    

Exciting cycling routes like Sutro Heights attract some of the best riders in the world. Are you a traveling professional triathlete worried about missing your training blocks while on the road?  Don’t risk airlines damaging your bike, and avoid paying outrageous prices for shipping equipment. Leave your ride and worries at home, and instead rent a bike from a fellow triathlete who lives locally. As an added bonus, you’ll get routes recommended to you by your Lister-somebody familiar with the best places to train. Check out this awesome Scott Plasma Premium Large Di2 from Matthew R., an ex-collegiate racer for MIT.

For those just looking to relax, we have what you need. Classic in appearance, electric-assist bikes are perfect for riding The Wiggle, a bike route connecting Market Street to Golden Gate Park. This path twists and turns between the hills in the middle of the city rather than going directly up and over them. Ride from AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, up Market Street to the Wiggle, then through Golden Gate Park and north along the coastline. You will be glad to have the e-turbo boost for the hills. Continue along the coast to the Golden Gate Bridge and then down along the Marina. You’ll get to see Fisherman’s Wharf and the Exploratorium, a great ending point for families and anyone curious about everyday science. An e-bike will make this ride the ideal way to get your bearings in the city while leaving you with energy for the evening. 

Spinlister is also great for the entire family. If you would like to fit some exercise time into your vacation, rent this NOPA electric cargo bike, which can carry up to two children. You can also get the kids bikes of their own by renting some of our adorable pint-sized rides. Try the kids’ Specialized 20” hot rock, kids’ road bike or pink kids’ Trek.

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