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September 25, 2015

Meet the Ladies of AsiaSF

This fall, tune into Fuse TV for “Transcendent” and follow five young, talented trans women as they navigate their professional, personal and romantic lives while performing at the world famous AsiaSF Cabaret and Restaurant in San Francisco. Brave, beautiful and unapologetic, each one has a unique and compelling story to tell:

An outrageous flirt who comes from a very supportive family. As a hopeless romantic, Bambina is afraid she won’t find love and thus approaches the dating scene cautiously. She is a vegan and strong supporter of animal rights.

A strong, fearless and highly sought-after makeup artist. Bionka has known she is transgender since she was young, and was aware of the challenges she would face, not only as a transgender woman, but an African American. Bionka is actively involved with the City of Refuge, an organization that helps transgender people of color.

The youngest of the group and newest member of AsiaSF, LA is just beginning her transition. With the help of her friends, LA is learning what to expect—both emotionally and physically—and is faced with the prospect of telling her own family about her transition.

One of AsiaSF’s hottest performers. She has always considered herself to be female from a very young age. Although her family initially struggled to accept her, they are very supportive now, as was Nya’s best friend who stood by her when she made the decision to start high school as a woman. Nya loves to cook and is interested in fashion. She is dating and is upfront about being a transgender woman.

Born in the Caribbean Islands and a proud Dominican, Xristina knew from the age of four that she wasn’t like everyone else. She is a long-time advocate for the transgender community and is a member of the first-ever transgender choir, “Transcendence Gospel Choir” and dreams of becoming a Hollywood star.

Tune in to Fuse for the series premier on Sept. 30 to see these five ladies, with the rest of the AsiaSF family making appearances, living freely, conquering new beginnings and shamelessly creating their own destiny.

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Photos by Fuse Media Inc.

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