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#MeetInSF: Hear What Meeting Planners Have to Say

Find out what some of San Francisco Travel's meeting planner clients and attendees had to say about their great experiences meeting in the City by the Bay.

San Francisco is an always-in-demand destination for meeting planners. With its gorgeous scenery, vibrant culture, and entrepreneurial spirit—not to mention its fine dining, exquisite hotels, and wide variety of venues—the City by the Bay is a top global destination for meetings and events. But don't take our word for it. Hear what a number of our satisfied clients had to say about their experiences meeting in San Francisco.

What do you like about hosting your meeting in San Francisco?

"Semi-Con West Show has been in San Francisco for 27 years and the city has provided a great venue for us. It's a world class city. It's a city that folks from other parts of the world like to come to. But more importantly for us, its close proximity to our industry and the innovation of Silicon Valley makes it a great central location for our industry to gather. San Francisco itself though has a tremendous amount to offer: restaurants and sightseeing and things like that that just don't exist in other cities. We've been coming back to San Francisco for 27 years, and we plan to be here for many more." - David Anderson, President, SEMI

What I love about San Francisco and having our meeting here every three years is the urban environment that the center is sitting in. It's great for our attendees to be able to walk back and forth to The Moscone Center from all the various hotels. They love going outside and enjoying the fresh air on the balconies. And we love the variety of restaurants that are in the area." - Germaine Schaefer, Senior Director - Meetings, Heart Rhythm Society 

"There's always vibrant activity happening in the space surrounding the convention center both during the week and on the weekends.  Because San Francisco is such an attractive destination, numbers usually look good when you're in San Francisco. We found that at this show our numbers have been fantastic and we know that San Francisco is a factor in that." - Kirsten Olean, Director of Meetings, American Society for Microbiology

What is something unique about San Francisco that you don't find in other cities? 

"What's unique about San Francisco is that it still has its old charm, but there are many other things to do and experience. Crissy Field leading up to Golden Gate Bridge is an amazing walk and outdoor experience for people. There's the Ferry Building, the waterfront and Embarcadero, and of course the new Moscone Center. They are all great things that tie the city together." - Thomas Amaral, Senior Director & Head of Event Services North America, informatech

"I think one of the best things about San Francisco is the location of the convention center. It is in the heart of downtown. You've got great views from every window in the building." - Germaine Schaefer, Senior Director - Meetings, Heart Rhythm Society

"What was super cool about being in San Francisco this year was the ability to have one venue to host our event for three thousand people. We leveraged Moscone West, which could contain everybody for 12 hours a day, instead of going back and forth to different properties. We were able to stay in one venue and keep people there engaged and entertained. We were able to have different activation stations and experiences set up for the attendees throughout the week. It was very fun to offer something new and different." - Ann Heuser, Senior Director - Meetings, Ellie Mae

"I think San Francisco is really such a hub for innovation. It is thought of as a technology city—which it is—but there's just so much innovation that's happening here. There's an opportunity for just about every type of conference to tap into something local and have some unique experiences as part of their program." - Kirsten Olean, Director of Meetings, American Society for Microbiology

How has The Moscone Center expansion benefited your meeting?

"The curb appeal now is tremendous. There have been a lot of compliments on the facade of the building and how it looks in the windows. People enjoy being able to have natural light and Moscone now has a lot to offer." - Thomas Amaral, Senior Director & Head of Event Services North America, informatech

"The new Moscone Center is really flexible. The amount of air walls that you can pull or remove to create whatever sized room you need has been really great. We were able to get a lot of what we needed here, which isn't something you're always able to do." - Germaine Schaefer, Senior Director - Meetings, Heart Rhythm Society

"The Moscone Center looks beautiful. It has tons of natural light, which is just a nice experience for anyone who's inside all day. Even though it is three buildings, it's actually really easy to navigate. The layout is very logical and people can find their way around very easily. That's not always the case with convention centers. It's just a really easy building to work in. We love the video screens in the South lobby. That's a great sponsorship opportunity. I wish we could have that in every building we were in." - Kirsten Olean, Director of Meetings, American Society for Microbiology

"The Moscone Center expansion has been very beneficial to Semi-Con West because now we're able to bring everything together under one roof. We're able to not only expand with with growth opportunities but also we're able to bring in co-location partners because of the flexible meeting space. That not only helps us increase our revenue, but also our attendance base, as well. " - Sandy Chapin, Director - Exhibitions & Events, SEMI

How has your experience been working with San Francisco Travel? 

"We've had a lot of help from San Francisco Travel on a variety of things. We had a service project where they came out and helped us build some furniture that we donated to a group that helps the homeless.They've also been immensely helpful in getting us restaurant reservations when we get requests at the last minute. They help us find event space for things that are happening outside of the convention center. And they're great to work with in pulling together a room block. You can't plan a meeting without the help of San Francisco Travel." - Germaine Schaefer, Senior Director - Meetings, Heart Rhythm Society

"San Francisco Travel is an extension of our team. I feel like they look out for our best interests in a variety of ways. They're constantly communicating about safety, security and all the initiatives that the city of San Francisco has undertaken. I really appreciate that." - Sandy Chapin, Director - Exhibitions & Events, SEMI

"San Francisco Travel was an instrumental part of succeeding in a new convention center and a new city. They were a partner to help us not just get through it, but to make the event so successful." - Ann Heuser, Senior Director - Meetings, Ellie Mae