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November 23, 2018

The New Light Art Works You Must See During This Year's Illuminate SF Festival of Light

Celebrate San Francisco’s culture of creativity, innovation and brilliance during the annual Illuminate SF Festival of Light. The celebration offers the rare opportunity to tour a stunning citywide gallery of light during the longest nights of the year. The artworks come to life at dusk throughout 12 San Francisco neighborhoods with a brilliance that will turn any evening into an illuminating adventure, especially when combined with exploring San Francisco’s world-class restaurants, museums and cultural events

Here are the new additions to the Illuminate SF collection you must see this year.

"Day for Night"

Perhaps the most famous of San Francisco's new works of light art, "Day for Night" sits high atop the Salesforce Tower, San Francisco's tallest building and the tallest west of the Mississippi. Created by prolific light artist Jim Campbell, "Day for Night" is an assembly of 11,000 lights and video components that work together to display scenes captured around San Francisco. It's also capable of doing some cheeky things, like when it doubled as the Eye of Sauron this past Halloween. Unless it's a truly foggy night (of which we have a few), you can see "Day for Night" from almost anywhere in—and even beyond—the city.

"Night Bloom"

Inside the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, see Night Bloom, a five-week light and sound exhibition. Light and sound will transform the iconic San Francisco landmark into a glowing landscape of interactive experiences this holiday season.


In friendly Hayes Valley, "SQUARED" rises 50 feet high from the center of Patricia's Green. Each cube of the sculpture holds 12 to 24 individually addressable LEDs, programmed through custom software to generate millions of colors and thousands of patterns. The sculpture also has an interactive mode that can be accesssed by a touchscreen, allowing visitors to play with the artwork.


Coming online at the very end of the Festival of Light, "PointCloud" will be a permanent part of the newly expanded Moscone Center. The North and South buildings will now be connected by an eleveated pedestrian bridge, which will double as the home of "PointCloud". Composed of more than 50,000 color LEDs arranged in a three-dimmensional display, "PointCloud" was designed by Leo Villareal, the prolific creator of "The Bay Lights".

Read about these artworks and more on our Illuminate SF website.


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