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August 21, 2014

Noise Pop Q & A: Mikal Cronin

Neighborhood: Chinatown
What do you love about your neighborhood? It's very easy to get anywhere else.
Native or Transplant: Transplant.
How long have you lived in SF: About 3 years I think.
Gig: The Chapel, March 1
SF is… fantastic.

What do you like better: Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge?

I've only actually been over the Golden Gate Bridge a few times, so I'll say Bay Bridge.

What's your favorite neighborhood to hang out in (other than your own)?

I used to live in the Mission and still like it a lot.

Where is your secret outdoor spot?

Um, that's a secret.

Where and what would be your last meal here in San Francisco?

Taqueria Cancun for a burrito.

What restaurant have you been meaning to eat at, but haven't?

I just checked Golden Boy Pizza off my list, should have done that a long long time ago.

What is your go-­to drink spot?

Li Po Lounge is now very close and has a crazy Chinese Mai Tai.

"Use the public transportation to save money getting around because it's actually very easy."

What is your favorite spot to snap a picture in SF?

Going out to Treasure Island and looking back at the city is pretty incredible.

What is the one celebration in the city you look forward to every year?

4th of July for a awesome amount of DIY firework shows.

Where do you escape the hustle and bustle beyond the bridge?

I went wine tasting with my girlfriend in Napa Valley a little while back and that was a beautiful time.

What is your favorite place in San Francisco to act like a tourist?

Been meaning to go out to Alcatraz again!

What is the one thing everyone should do at least once here?

Go to Amoeba Records and get overwhelmed by the amount of records.

What is the one thing you have yet to check off your bucket list in SF?

Ride in a cable car. I tried to jump on for free once just to get up the hill to my house, but got kicked off immediately, of course.

What piece of advice would you give to a traveler about visiting the city?

Use the public transportation to save money getting around because it's actually very easy.

Mikal Cronin will be performing at The Chapel on March 1st Noise Pop. Go see them!

Mikal Cronin Bio

Mikal Cronin’s self-titled debut from 2011 was all about endings: the end of college, the end of a serious relationship, and the end of his time in Los Angeles, where he grew up. So it’s no surprise that his sophomore release MCII—and first disc for Merge Records—is all about new beginnings. “Since the first record came out, my life has changed quite a bit,” Cronin says, referencing his move to San Francisco and tours with Ty Segall as well as with his own band. “I was presented with a whole new slew of problems and situations that I was trying to work through.” “Am I Wrong” and “Shout It Out” dissect his fears over a new relationship, while “I’m Done Running from You” and “Weight” find him freaking out about what it means to grow up in the 21st century.

Photo by: Incase / CC BY

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