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August 28, 2014

SF Personality: Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan

  • Neighborhood: Alamo Square
  • What do you love about your neighborhood? I love being super central and close to so many awesome neighborhoods: Hayes Valley, Lower Haight, NOPA, Fillmore. And of course, living next to Alamo Square Park is the best. Especially when Karl the Fog comes to visit.
  • Native or Transplant: Native to Northern California.
  • How long have you lived in San Francisco: Two fabulous years (which means I have gotten really good at parallel parking, developed a love/hate relationship with public transit, and fallen in love with the fog).
  • Gig: Picture taker of people. And beards.
  • San Francisco is… me. Everything about this city resonates with my soul. I have never felt so at home and myself in any other city.

What do you like better: Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge?

Golden Gate Bridge all the way. I seriously can't get enough of this bridge. I would probably live on it if I could.

What's your favorite neighborhood to hang out in (other than your own)?

The Mission. The people, the food, the bars, the parks, the culture, all fantastic.

Where is your secret outdoor spot?

Mt. Davidson. This place is magical and the perfect way to escape the city without actually leaving.

Where AND what would be your last meal here in San Francisco?

I would eat all the pizza at Tony's Pizza Napoletana in North Beach. Best pizza I have ever eaten. And then I would eat all the ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery. Because I would have to have dessert with my last meal. Duh.

What restaurant have you been meaning to eat at, but haven't?

Zuni Cafe. I hear the chicken is to die for.

What is your go-­to drink spot?

The Hideout in the Mission. It's a bar inside a bar! And I love myself some whiskey. I also have a special place in my heart for Mad Dog in the Fog since I watched the Giants win (and sweep!) the World Series there. Holla.

"I actually have a hard time being anywhere in San Francisco without being inspired to snap a photo. It's a problem. I do Instagram an excessive amount of photos at The Mill though. That coffee shop is my favorite. And has amazing light."

Where do you go in the city to take in arts and culture?

Golden Gate Park. So much awesomeness in this park: flowers, art, science, gardens, music, lakes, windmills, bison. The list is long.

What is your favorite spot to snap a picture in San Francisco?

Oh man, tough question. I actually have a hard time being anywhere in San Francisco without being inspired to snap a photo. It's a problem. I do Instagram an excessive amount of photos at The Mill though. That coffee shop is my favorite. And has amazing light.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

I love doing just about anything outdoors. But lately I've especially enjoyed hanging out in Alamo Square Park. Whenever the sun comes out, I'll rush over to the park with some friends (you just never know when the fog might roll in). We'll hang out, drink beers, and watch all the tourists take selfies in front of the Painted Ladies. It's really the best way to spend an afternoon.

What is the one celebration in the city you look forward to every year?

Bay to Breakers! I haven't actually participated in it, but the race runs right by my house, so I get to enjoy the festivities from my front porch.

Where do you escape the hustle and bustle beyond the bridge?

Mount Tam. I love the energy of the city, but sometimes the silence and beauty of nature is needed.

Where can we find you on a Saturday night in the city?

I love live music so most likely at one of the many music venues. I'm at The Independent quite a bit since it's so close to my house. but if I lived closer to Bottom of the Hill, I would be there every night. That place is dope.

What is your favorite place in San Francisco to act like a tourist?

Alcatraz! All the people need to visit this place. It's totally worth the money, crowds, and cold winds.

What is the one thing everyone should do at least once here?

Watch the sunset at Sutro Baths. It's seriously amazing.

What is the one thing you have yet to check off your bucket list in San Francisco?

I have yet to go to sing-a-long at the Castro Theatre. Singing along to the Little Mermaid with hundreds of other people is a childhood dream.

What piece of advice would you give to a traveler about visiting the city?

Bring a jacket. Even if it's sunny. You'll thank me later.


Hola! I'm Jenny Morgan, owner of Oh Happy Dawn Photography and creator of Beards of San Francisco. I moved to San Francisco two years ago, but have lived in California my whole life (except for a short stint in the Middle East, but that's another story). I'm not sure why it took me so long to move to San Francisco, since my heart has always been here. But I'm super stoked to be living here now.

I went to Graduate School at Santa Clara University and got my degree in Counseling. A couple of years after graduating though, I realized that more than anything I was an artist. And photography was my art. I went out and bought my first DSLR camera and never looked back. And now I have the privilege of documenting the lives of so many wonderful people and families. There is so much about this world that is captivating, but there is something about human beings that fascinates me. I love observing human connection. Genuine laughter. compassion and generosity — I get excited when I capture that in a photograph. Because to me, photography is about seeing and capturing the beauty that lives within the human soul.

If I'm not out taking pictures, I'm most likely at one of the many coffee shops around the city. I adore coffee. You can also find me here, lifting heavy things and getting my butt kicked. I also spend a significant amount of time interacting with bearded men. It's wonderful. So if you have a beard, love coffee, or just like meeting new people, hit me up! I would love to connect with you.

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