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Upcoming MYSF Events

Take advantage of your MYSF certification and register for these exclusive educational events.

MYSF has built a community of passionate people who care about creating the best experience for visitors. And the best way to stay informed about everything our city offers is to experience it first-hand. Through the MYSF program, all graduates are is invited to attend our events that provide unique immersion in local neighborhoods.

Please check out our upcoming events listed below and continue to learn through MYSF

MYSF Chinatown

Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018

Come join us  as we explore the lively Chinatown neighborhood. We will gather at the Chinese Historical Society of America to learn  about this unique community. RSVP early for your chance to take a mini-tour with All About Chinatown and Wok Wiz (limited capacity). There will also be plenty of food and drinks available from local restaurants. We hope you’ll join us!

MYSF graduates can register here.

Want to become a MYSF Graduate? Get MYSF certified and you will be able to RSVP for any of our upcoming events! Email for more information about the program.