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May 18, 2020

Visit San Francisco, One Day Soon

We know some parts of the country have opened up, but San Francisco is still unable to welcome visitors. We look forward to doing so one day soon.

We know you miss San Francisco. Truth be told, we miss it, too. 

We miss the festivals, the restaurants, and the attractions that give our city life. And we miss welcoming you to our city to share in it.

There may be distance between us, but the strength that binds us is indestructible. 

The city's energy may be invisible in the streets, but it's bursting in our homes.

That's because San Francisco stands together, in good times and tough times. After all, we're The City That Knows How. 

When the time is right, we will laugh together.

We will play together.

We will explore together.

We will discover together.

We will celebrate together.

We will party together.

We will share a meal together.

One day soon, San Francisco will welcome you back.

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