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October 29, 2019

Volunteer Opportunities


Service Excellence:
The Greeter serves as a first point of contact with visitors. During peak days, cashiers and information representatives will be immediately assisting visitors. The Greeter should actively welcome visitors as they enter, and orient them to the correct location according to their needs. Our goal is to provide seamless service, with the Greeter assisting in the first stages of visitors’ stop at the Visitor Information Center.

Speed of Service:
The Greeter will assist with managing visitors’ overall experience in the center – flow and formation of lines, presentation of brochure displays, etc. They should look out for visitors waiting in the wrong place and help them to join the line and actively seek out visitors with questions and bring them to the correct desk or line for a “warm hand-off”.  We want to anticipate a problem and solve it before a visitor is even aware of it.

Becoming the Expert:
The Greeter role is an introductory volunteer position at the Visitor Information Center. While many volunteers come to us with a passionate expertise on all things San Francisco, we ask that all new volunteers log at least 40 hours or spend at least three months in the Greeter role (whichever comes first). Not only is it important for providing an excellent experience for visitors, but it allows new volunteers to go through our training process and familiarize themselves with San Francisco Travel as an organization.

Three Month Training Program:

  • Completion of at least two "excursions" to familiarize yourself with "nuts and bolts" practical visitor information (where to wait for the bus, how to buy the ticket, etc.).
  • Attend at least one Partner Orientation and/or one Partner Showcase.
  • aRes 101 - basics of a booking tour.
  • "You're All Set" service training.
  • Log at least 40 hours as a Greeter in the first three months.

Information Desk

After the three-month training period, Greeters may elect to continue permanently in their Greeter role, or begin training and auditioning for an Information Desk role.

Volunteers at the information desk are encouraged to build expertise on partner services and experiences to allow a visitor to make a qualified decision for an excellent visit to San Francisco as curated by our enthusiastic experts.

While working at the Information Desk you will help visitors plan their vacation and build itineraries based on their likes and needs. This is your opportunity to really incorporate your love of San Francisco and all it has to offer.

Service excellence is a priority for the information desk volunteer. Every visitor should be greeted and thanked with a smile when approaching and leaving the information desk.

For All Volunteers

Ongoing Education:
Periodically, volunteers will be provided with training on new information and procedures, or retraining existing skills.

  • Volunteers are required to attend quarterly all-VIC staff meetings for important organizational and operational updates.
  • Additional enrichment courses of 30-minutes to one-hour will be offered monthly. Volunteers are expected to attend at least four educational sessions per year, as available.
  • Additional information is posted on the bulletin board routinely. Volunteers should read new information at each shift for important city updates. Information is also available online on the bulletin board of our scheduling website.
  • An insider's knowledge of upcoming events in San Francisco and special access may be available to these as well.


  • Must be computer savvy.
  • Must have the ability to actively assist visitors, standing and walking for the majority of a standard four-hour shift.
  • Multilingual, though not required, is a plus in this position.

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