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What Is Media Relations?

Learn about the crucial role and responsibilities of San Francisco Travel's Media Relations team.


What is Media Relations?

The goal of the Media Relations team at San Francisco Travel is to generate positive earned media coverage for the destination and our partners. 

What is earned media? Well, there are three type of media in the world of marketing: paid, owned and earned.  

  • Paid media is the same as advertising. A business pays for space to place its messages in the media that it selects.
  • Owned media are the channels a business creates and controls itself: a website, brochures, social media pages, and so on.
  • Earned media, sometimes called editorial coverage, is generated by an independent party such as a website, blogger, social media influencer, newspaper, magazine, TV or radio program, guidebook, or other.  

Earned media has the most credibility of the three media types because it cannot be bought or controlled. The Media Relations team at San Francisco Travel gains earned media coverage in several ways:

  • Disseminating information, usually in press releases, to relevant media.
  • Assisting media coming to San Francisco to write about the destination.
  • Seeking out new media and developing relationships with them, so as to connect them with the story opportunities that interest them.

The Media Relations team at San Francisco Travel and our international representatives around the world assist about 2,000 members of the media each year.  We work hard to connect our partners with these writers and influencers so that their business receives valuable, credible earned media coverage at little or no cost.

How can you work more closely with our Media Relations team to gain media exposure? Click below to find out.