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March 25, 2015
Cervecería de Mateveza

Why Does This Beer Taste Like Girl Scout Cookies? Cervecería de Mateveza

Cervecería de Mateveza is not a traditional pub in either appearance or its offerings but it is a must try if you want to taste some of the most unique local artisan beers. It has even become a favorite among the wine swilling crowd who appreciate the artistry and nuance that is taken to make their craft brews.

Opened in 2012, by Jim Woods, who founded Mateveza in 2006, and Matt Coehlo, it specializes in organic beers brewed with yerba mate, naturally caffeinated leaves that are used to make a tea consumed throughout South America. Small batches are made on premise but most of the beer is crafted in a local facility where they make and bottle a number of signature brews including “Morpho,” an organic ale made with yerba mate, hibiscus flowers and bay leaves, and seasonal specialties such as a Girl Scout Cookie beer.

With its Argentine gastronomical flare and unique and impeccable beer selection, Cervecería de Mateveza is a must for anyone who loves beer and wants to get a taste of San Francisco’s diverse nightlife. Guest beers from somewhat like-minded craft brewers are always available for drinking on premise. Since yerba mate is the de factor national drink of Argentina, they serve a range of empanadas made by El Porteño as snacks. Using organic, fresh ingredients, Match.com could not have come up with a better-suited accompaniment to these unique, delicious beers.

Located across from Dolores Park on the corner of 18th and Church Street where the Castro and the Mission converge (an area once known as the “Transmission”), it is often filled with a crosssection of people. In spite of its size, it never really feels cramped, even on bustling weekend nights. But afternoon sipping, after spending an hour or two in the park, is often the way to go.

Cervecería de Mateveza
3801 18th St.

Image via SF Brewer's Guild

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