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July 7, 2022

You're Always Welcome Here

Recently, there has been some skepticism about visiting the United States. In San Francisco, we know that perception is not reality. Our city has embraced people of different backgrounds, different circumstances, and different beliefs. We want the world to know that whatever else might be happening, whatever other people¹s attitudes and opinions might be, you're always welcome in San Francisco.

We’re all different.
We have different backgrounds.
We like to do different things.
And we come from different places.
San Francisco doesn’t just welcome your differences.
We encourage them.
We celebrate them.
We even throw parties for them.
It’s who we’ve always been.
And who we always will be.
Because no matter who you are
or where you’re coming from
you’re always welcome.
To go wherever you want to go.
And be whoever you want to be.
It’s not just our philosophy.
It’s our promise.
Because it's San Francisco,
It's always open,
Always inviting,
And you're always welcome.
Never the same. Always San Francisco.

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