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Color and Honor Guard Information

The following organizations and groups may have color guards that may be available for functions. In each case it is important to provide the groups with the particular date, time and place of the function, as well as the purpose. Please note changing military circumstances may alter the availability and contact information.

Please note that a donation may be requested for performances.

Travis Air Force Base Elite Honor Guard
400 Brennan Circle
Travis AFB, CA 94535
Special notation: Military funeral honors take first priority, not a common occurrence but a possibility.
Contact: Community Relations Office
Tel: 707-424-0132

University of San Francisco, Department of Military Science
ROTC Offices
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Contact: Brian S. Rasmussen, Sergeant First Class (SFC)
Phone: 415-422-2482
Fax: 415-422-2355

San Francisco Police Dept.
Write a letter to the SFPD Chief (Chief George Gascon). Request then goes through all the ranks. 
Contact: Sergeant Tommy Newlin
Phone: 415-752-6255

San Francisco Fire Department
Write a letter to SFFD Fire Chief (Chief Hayes White) to initiate request. Request then goes through all the ranks. Based on the availability of off-duty Fire Fighters who volunteer on their days-off to participate.
Contact: Mindy Talmadge
Public Information Officer
Phone: 415-558-3403