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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Innovation Center


Discover the uniqueness of Silicon Valley and the transformative power of innovation! The tour includes: Company Visits - Witness Innovations in Reality. The company tours include the visits to Google, Apple and some other cool companies. Our expert will walk you around the HQ offices (+Google Visitor center inside) and tell you some amazing insider stories about their cultures and new products. Product Tryouts - Tesla Model X test-drive, Virtual Reality Headset Oculus and other gadgets. Experience how new autonomous cars and gadgets can greatly shape our life entirely, and the daily impact it transforms into your business with new innovation. Expert Talks - Knowledge from the source. Saturate your mind with future trends from industry tested experts and translate them into your business. Avoid business pitfalls as you learn new innovative strategies from business magnets. Custom industry programs for corporate executive groups are available.

Silicon Valley Innovation Center

1850 Gateway Drive, Suite 150
San Mateo, California 94044

(650) 532-3480

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