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Stretchy Pants

Life is short so make it delicious. We believe laughter and learning belong together and that local food tells stories that re-connect us with each other and the world around us. Stretchy Pants is a versatile culinary experience company that reinvigorates the locals' passion for their city's food scene. Our experiences include food walks, cooking classes, and custom food events. By keeping it small, focusing on fun, and tailoring the experience, we leave the customer hungry for more. You can trust us to treat you right.

So congratulations. You've broken through your food coma. No, not the kind of food coma you fall into after a fantastic sesh of stuffing your face with warm chocolate chip cookies, but the kind of coma we all find ourselves in when we realize we've just ordered Chinese from the same place on the corner one block down for the 4th time this month - ok, maybe 8th. Stretchy Pants is here to help. Our food tours, cooking classes, and custom events operate in multiple neighborhoods throughout San Francisco with more to come!

Our food tours and cooking classes are lighthearted, we encourage you to join us in your best stretchy pants. Whichever activity you choose to indulge in, you'll leave full and informed and maybe a little tipsy!

Stretchy Pants

1885 Mission St
Box F2
San Francisco, 94103

(415) 545-8276

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