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Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church

Coltrane IconLarge.jpg

The "Coltrane Church" has been in the Fillmore since 1971 and is the only church born out of the music of John Coltrane. The present political climate of profit over people continues to devastate the African American population of the Fillmore, forcing the "Coltrane Church" to vacate its current address by April 30th 2016.

The Coltrane Church's approach to spiritual expression organically grows from the innovative essence of the music that gave birth to this dynamic, inclusive form of worship. It is a new age style of fellowship that is democratic, non-proselytizing and fashions a home for the community of world travelers seeking a cosmic religious experience. John Coltrane devotes, students, theologians, musicians, and people from all faiths pilgrim to San Francisco to see and experience the Mecca/Jerusalem of Coltrane Consciousness. Using the universal language of music as a platform to praise, meditate and fellowship with a galaxy of kindred souls from all walks of life, the church is a place to rejuvenate, be baptized in sound and gain strength to do the very best good. The Coltrane Church located in the jazz preservation district, it is a vital contributor to the sustaining and evolution of one of America's greatest original art forms, jazz.Artist recognize the Coltrane Church as a center for art. Many have donated their Coltrane inspired work to be featured in the sanctuary amongst the towering ancient Byzantine style icons by Deacon Dukes.

Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church

2097 Turk Street
San Francisco, California 94115

(415) 596-3878

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