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First-Hold - the FIRST website to automate the time consuming tasks of checking a venue's availability, and the hold placing, challenging & booking process. Saving event planners and event venues countless hours by bringing the events industry into the 21st century! At any hour of the day, First-Hold will provide a planner with the ability to check dates and even hold space at that perfect venue for their special event. It's as easy as booking a hotel room. Venues publish availability. Planners hold or book a venue's event space. Sounds easy enough, but in today's high tech world, this part of our industry seemed to be lagging and this question became the foundation for our platform: Why was this seemingly simple function of our industry not technologically advancing? Oh sure, there were websites with pictures, sample menus, planner reviews, point and click floor plans, downloadable diagrams, but all of these websites did nothing for the online, real-time function of holding or booking space. So from the ground up, we created this patent-pending platform. Now with First-Hold, planners are able to check dates and hold space, online, real-time, anytime!


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