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San Francisco

Central Market

With a combination of high tech (offices for Twitter, Spotify, and Square are here), arts groups, retail, and restaurants, Central Market is booming. Also known as Mid-Market, this area comprises a roughly seven-block section of Market Street. The area is centered on Market Street starting at Fifth Street, ending at Van Ness, and including a number of buildings down to Mission Street.

Major Broadway productions are featured on the stages of the Golden Gate and Orpheum theaters. Directly across from UN Plaza is the American Conservatory Theater’s dynamic and intimate Strand Theater.

Just a block away, the International Art Museum of America houses an eclectic collection of both classic and modern art. The Warfield hosts a number of Live Nation concerts and performances.

At the intersection of Eighth and Market streets, look for the 92-foot “Venus,” San Francisco’s tallest statue.

On the north edge, the Tenderloin is home to Glide Memorial Church, experimental theater companies, and jazz and blues clubs. Visit the Tenderloin Museum to learn about the area’s many historical events and movements.

At 969 Market St., The Village is a new 17,000 square foot state-of-the-art event venue. Just down the block at 1100 Market St. the San Francisco Proper Hotel recently opened. The neighborhood also hosts plenty of events, including the annual Tet Festival, which reflects a post-Vietnam War influx of Laotians, Cambodians, and Vietnamese to this area.


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