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Golden Gate Furniture Co.

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The Golden Gate Bridge (1937) - Since it opened to traffic in May of 1937, the world has had a love affair with the Golden Gate Bridge. Built during the Depression, this man-made monument, demonstrating the strength and determination of the human spirit, has fascinated many with its awesome size and beauty. The construction of this bridge across San Francisco's Golden Gate sought to defy nature itself. Upon its completion, the Golden Gate Bridge, reaching a complete span of 4,200 feet, was the largest suspension bridge ever built in its time.

The Pedestrian Handrail (1937 - 1993) - After 56 years, the severe winds and salt air of the open ocean had begun to deteriorate and compromise portions of the pedestrian handrail. In 1993, after 56 years, the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District replaced a significant amount of the pedestrian handrail, which the Golden Gate Furniture Co. later acquired.

The Golden Gate Furniture Company (1994) - From the Bridge's original 1930's handrail, the Golden Gate Furniture Co. has created a line of unique collector's edition furniture that captures the historical spirit and style of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Therefore, you no longer have to settle for mere pictures or trinkets to represent this engineering marvel. The Golden Gate Furniture Co. now allows you to make this breathtaking monument a part of your home or office in both a functional and artistic way.

Golden Gate Furniture Co.

1 Rankin Street, Studio 417
San Francisco, California 94124

(415) 661-6263

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