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Mindy Rosenberg Design

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Mindy Rosenberg Design is a floral and event design studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We create extraordinary floral décor for events large and small, where the flowers are remembered long after the event is over. In a past life Mindy was a hotel executive and then began a career as a childrens' clothing and jewelry designer. These experiences give Mindy a unique perspective when it comes to designing and executing event décor. The design process starts by meeting with clients to understand their style and vision for the event. Mindy passionately designs floral décor as pieces of art that contribute to the overall beauty and success of every wedding, party, or corporate event. Working in the San Francisco Bay Area affords Mindy the luxury of shopping at the San Francisco Flower Market, one of the country’s largest and most historic flower markets. Mindy values her relationships with the fifty flower vendors who assist her in sourcing the most spectacular flowers and foliage.

Mindy Rosenberg Design

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