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SnapFiesta Photo Booth & Event Photography


SnapFiesta specializes in high end, studio photo booth setups, flipbooks, Slow Motion, Instagram printers and event photography. Guests can enjoy instant prints, themed sets, props, and social media uploads with our open set photo booth. Our Flipbook service brings videos to life in an old fashioned flipbook format created on set right at the event. All videos and photos can also be downloaded and enjoyed at a later time in a hosted online gallery. With our social media station, guests have the opportunity to immediately upload all of their photos and videos directly at their fingertips. This feature is perfect for marketers, companies, and individuals looking to harness the power of social media at events. Our Instagram printer allows guests to get physical prints, while promoting a brand or the event on Instagram and Twitter. We offer event photography services as well. In fact, this company was founded by an event photographer with over 10 years of professional experience, so attention to detail in all of our services is our top priority. We're more than able to accommodate an event of any size.

SnapFiesta Photo Booth & Event Photography

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