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Strategic Partnerships

Making Lives Better, Together

Marketing and reach have changed dramatically. In an increasingly cluttered space, savvy companies and brands are looking for new ways to engage with customers and make an impact. The most effective marketing platforms have fundamentally changed the approach from “how we reach our customers” to “how we make their lives better."

Travel changes people’s lives, so it’s a perfect fit. Smart brands can align with destinations, to make a memorable travel experience even better. As one of the world’s favorite destinations, San Francisco is an incredibly desirable brand to align with. San Francisco is the most interesting 49 square miles on the planet and visitors flock here. Providing a single point of access to reach this valuable travel segment, San Francisco Travel helps major brands leverage the value and connections we have with visitors and make their experiences here better. Together, we can make these brands accessible and engaging for the visitor market—a market that in San Francisco, outnumbers locals by 22 to 1 annually.

How We Think About Strategic Partnerships

Choosing the right partners is critical. Partnership means a two-way street, goals and conversations. We’re looking for partnerships with brands that understand one other and help extend our reach and goals just as much as theirs.
Creating value is more important than ever. Regardless of which San Francisco Travel channel they use, our partners find significant value—and we consistently attract far more members than other, much bigger destinations. Because we deliver that value—in eyeballs, impressions, conversations and influence—across audiences from local to regional to national to global, and from leisure visitor, to member business, to convention/meeting travelers and international groups.

The San Francisco Travel single point of access is unique and powerful. Leveraging common goals, integrating, and even creating unique media channels reaches across visitor segments with access that includes our website, publications, Visitor Information Centers at Hallidie Plaza and Macy's Union Square, and a social media presence that dominates other far more sizeable destinations. And that doesn’t scratch the surface of our influence with global meeting planners and tour operators, or international travel and trade media, all driving business and billions of dollars to San Francisco each year.

By The Numbers*

6,300,000+ =  Unique Visitors to
400,000 = Visitors and Guests to our Visitor Information Center in Hallidie Plaza.
1,000,000+ (and counting) = Followers across all of our consumer-facing social media platforms (@onlyinsf).
25.1 million = Number of Visitors to San Francisco (2016).
$9.69 billion = Total Visitor Spending in San Francisco (2016).
97.7 = Percent of Visitors Who Would Return to the City.
72.3 = Percent of Overnight San Francisco Visitors from the U.S.
27.7 =  Percent of Overnight San Francisco Visitors from International Destinations.
22 to 1 = Number of San Francisco Visitors to Residents.
9 out of 10 = Visitors Who Make it a Point to Shop While on Vacation.

*Annually unless otherwise indicated.

Strategic Partnerships Opportunities

For more information on Strategic Partnerships with San Francisco Travel, contact:

Scott Streeter
Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships
San Francisco Travel Association