8 Must-See Masterpieces to See at the Asian Art Museum

With over 18,000 magnificent artworks, the Asian Art Museum has one of the world’s finest collections of Asian art, including masterpieces unlike anything else. The oldest dated Buddha sculpture in the world and a rare 3,000-year-old bronze rhinoceros are just two of the many treasures that await you.


The Beaux-Arts Architecture of the Asian Art Museum

The Beaux-Arts Ceiling in the Asian Art Museum's Samsung Hall

Located conveniently in San Francisco's Civic Center and surrounded by some of the city's most remarkable architecture, the Asian Art Museum is a living monument to the city’s history. Built in 1917, its stately beaux-arts building was originally the Main Library, re-imagined as a modern museum while retaining its original character.


24 Eye-Catching Pieces in the Asian Art Museum's Permanent Collection

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Asian Art Museum

The Asian Art Museum has one of the most spectacularly vast and largest collection of Asian art in the world. Numbering more than 18,000 pieces, the collection spans thousands of years and from Southeast Asia all the way to Japan. Due to light sensitivity, the collection is regularly rotated, so from one visit to the next, you could see something totally new.


Cafe Asia at the Asian Art Museum

In addition to remarkable collections and special exhibitions, the Asian Art Museum offers another important element of Asian culture to savor: diverse and delicious cuisine. Cafe Asia’s menu offers a range of dishes from a variety of traditions, made with fresh, seasonal ingredients and served in a relaxed yet sophisticated setting.


Humphry Slocombe at Asian Art Museum's Cafe Asia

In celebration of our 50th anniversary, the Asian Art Museum has partnered with San Francisco ice cream innovators Humphry Slocombe to create a limited-edition signature flavor. Adzuki Almond Cookie, an unexpected-but-perfect blend of two classic staples in Asian desserts, is available now exclusively at Cafe Asia.


Guide to Eastern Influence in San Francisco

Chinatown | San Francisco, CA

Home to the oldest Japantown in the U.S. and also the oldest Chinatown in the U.S., and one of the largest, San Francisco also is home to Little Saigon. The Asian Art Museum, a stroll through the Japanese Tea Garden and souvenir shopping along Grant Avenue are “musts” for visitors.



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