Exploring San Francisco by Bike

Bicycling in Crissy Field

Covering over seven by seven miles, San Francisco offers more than 150 bike trails and paths that make it a haven for bicycling enthusiasts, and perfect for new or experienced riders to find a route best for their exploring. The city's legendary hills and multiple dedicated lanes support the biking culture and complement the diverse cycling experience, taking one from the colder and windier outskirts to the warmer and calmer interior of downtown.


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One of our favorite parts about Spinlister is that we get to connect like-minded individuals all over the world. Our platform allows users to rent out their bicycles, giving other bike enthusiasts the ability to ride while bringing in some extra cash. In over 63 countries worldwide, renters are able to find bicycles that perfectly fit their own unique riding needs and style preferences.


Find the Perfect Bike for You!

Yes, the infamous hills exist. We’ve heard that they even grow taller when you are almost at the top. For those cyclists wanting to embrace the challenge, Spinlister recommends renting Adrian’s Specialized Tarmac, Adam’s Cannondale Synapse Carbon Fiber, or any of the many road bikes listed in the heart of San Francisco.


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The booming tech industry and endless historic, natural and artistic attractions in the City by the Bay draw thousands of visitors to San Francisco every day. The plethora of neighborhoods tucked into this 7x7 city, each with their distinctive character, is waiting to welcome you. With bike lanes and trails connecting each one, Spinlister is the ultimate chariot to assist you in navigating the way on your unique adventure.

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