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Meet the San Francisco Travel Media Relations Team

Meet the team behind San Francisco Travel's global media relations efforts that bring attention to everything the City by the Bay has to offer.


San Francisco is a global city with a global audience. Visitors come to the City by the Bay from every corner of the world. How do they know about us? It's in no small part due to the work of our Media Relations team: Elisabeth Wieselthaler-Toelly, Vice President, Global PR & Media Relations; Laurie Armstrong Gossy, Senior Director, Global PR & Media Relations; and Tatiana Ranis, Manager, Global PR & Media Relations. Get to know them and learn their tips for how partners can best benefit from our global reach.

Why did you get into Media Relations?

LAG: When I started out, I decided that my personal mission was to make my living by telling people about things I like.  Incredibly, I’ve been able to stick with that mission though the years.  The methods have changed but the purpose remains the same.

EWT: I love the variety of topics and relationships that are part of our work. I love to connect with media from different cultures, understand their needs, and provide them with the best information so that they can create their stories. From an internal perspective, I love the collaborative aspect of our work, being a service team for other departments. 

TR: The art of storytelling can bring people together, initiate dialogue, spark creativity, encourage compassion, and celebrate culture. Sharing people’s stories is essentially what makes us human. And I love it!

What is your favorite part of your job?

TR: As a San Francisco native, I love sharing what makes this city so unique and beautiful with the rest of the world.

EWT: I love the personal focus of our work. 

LAG: I love connecting the media with our partners. It’s especially great when travel writers tell me about something they’ve “discovered” that they can’t wait to share with their readers. And I love helping our partners succeed. 

How is the media landscape changing?

EWT: The media landscape is becoming more and more fragmented. Digital channels and social influencers are claiming more and more space. Most traditional media outlets are now running their own online and social media platforms. Integration of paid, owned and earned channels is key. 

LAG: As the media landscape changes, what constitutes a “story” changes, too. We need to adapt how we pitch our stories so they generate earned media on new platforms as they develop. 

TR: With the plethora of information available in today’s digital age, creating content that’s relatable, easy to consume, and interest-specific to our audience is more crucial than ever. 

What do you want San Francisco Travel partners to know about Media Relations?

EWT: We are here to create value for your business. The best way to benefit is by collaborating with us on media visits and press trips. 

TR: Your businesses are what bring San Francisco to life. We welcome and encourage your collaboration, ideas, and feedback. 

LAG: We rely on you to share your stories with us. Help us share them with the media by hosting them when they visit. We are always here to answer questions and discuss ideas. 

Make the most of your partnership and contact ElisabethLaurie, or Tatiana with your questions, ideas, and opportunities.