San Francisco Takes on Tourism - A SF Travel Podcast

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San Francisco Takes on Tourism - A SF Travel Podcast

Join our experts as SF Takes On Tourism, a podcast from San Francisco Travel


What makes San Francisco such a uniquely desirable destination? What are the new trends, developments, threats, and opportunities for our industry? How will the visitor experience change in our post-COVID-19 world?

Listen in as San Francisco Travel's Hubertus Funke and Daniel Schwartz take on these and other important issues facing the tourism industry. Each episode will feature lively, thought-provoking conversations with leaders and personalities from both within and outside our industry.

So, grab a comfortable chair, pour yourself a drink, and join us as SF Takes on Tourism.

Planning Your Career Future in Tourism - REGISTER

Building a meaningful career is challenging during normal times and daunting during a pandemic, especially in the tourism industry.

In this week's episode, we'll be speaking with former San Francisco Travel Board Chair Peter Gamez about staying positive during turbulent times, maintaining a growth mindset, and the secrets for attracting and landing the right job opportunities.

Peter's career spans more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, including the launch of more than 40 hotels and the development of five lifestyle brands in eight countries.

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