Learn about the Clean and Safe Coalition and its mission to improve the San Francisco experience for visitors and residents alike.

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March 18, 2019

Clean and Safe Coalition

San Francisco Travel leads the Clean and Safe Coalition, uniting the voice of the San Francisco business community and many San Francisco neighborhood groups to advocate for clean and safe streets in our city. Our goal is to elevate this issue to the highest levels of city government and to support solutions that improve the quality of life for anyone visiting, doing business, and living in San Francisco. 

The Clean Safe Coalition includes the following organizations:

  • Central Market Community Benefit District
  • Civic Center Community Benefit District
  • Golden Gate Restaurant Association
  • Hotel Council of San Francisco
  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
  • Tenderloin Community Benefit District
  • Union Square Business Improvement District
  • Yerba Buena Community Benefit District

Policies and initiatives the Coalition has supported include:

  • BART Ambassadors to promote a positive rider experience and prevent negative behavior on BART trains.
  • SB 918 - Homeless Youth Act of 2018 to allocate funding specifically to address homeless youth to prevent homelessness in adulthood. This bill was passed and signed by Governor Brown in 2018. 
  • SB 1045 - Conservatorship Law to ensure those who are most vulnerable living on our street get the help they need. This bill was passed and signed by Governor Brown in 2018. The City and County of San Francisco is in the process of implementing this policy. 
  • Ongoing support for the Mayor, Police Department, Department of Public Works, and Department of Homelessness to promote clean streets, prevent crime, and help our unsheltered neighbors in need.

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