Discover how San Francisco Travel has managed to grow and innovate while still protecting the environment.

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July 1, 2019

Leading the Way in Sustainability

San Francisco Travel has led the way in sustainability in the destination marketing industry, from the design of its main office to the recent expansion of The Moscone Center. We are proud of our sustainability efforts and hope our increasing number of visitors and meetings will be environmentally sustainable as well. 

San Francisco Travel's Sustainability

San Francisco Travel's main office is located in a LEED-Gold certified building in the Financial District. It features fixtures and furnishings that are either socially-conscious, salvaged, or sourced locally, including:

  • Flooring in some areas is made by Net-Works, a project of Interface Flor. Net-Works provides a source of income for small fishing villages in the Philippines while cleaning up their beaches.
  • In the Presidio conference room off the lobby, the rug is handmade from retired fire hoses salvaged from local fire departments by Oxgut Hose Company.
  • The Haight and Ashbury boardroom and the Hearth, feature tiles by Sausalito’s Heath Ceramics.
  • Most Modest, a San Francisco-based design studio specializing in craft inspired technology goods, designed the lobby seating.
  • All furniture upholstery is by Luna Textiles, founded in San Francisco in 1994.
  • A wall planter system by Urbio adds live and flowering plants to the columns.

The Moscone Center Sets Records

San Francisco’s Moscone Center was already certified LEED Gold in 2012, and the newly expanded Moscone Center continues its legacy of sustainability, having been certified LEED Platinum in 2019, making it the highest-scoring LEED convention center in the world.

The Moscone Center features one of the largest publicly-owned solar power systems in the nation and will provide approximately 20 percent of its own power. Additionally, the center’s ground and rainwater capture and treatment system will be able to capture 15 million gallons a year for reuse both in the center and the surrounding community.

The center also encourages attendees to pack up every possible piece of merchandise, including reusable items or shopping bags or gift bags, for reuse and donation. 

Sustainability Tips for Visitors

Feel free to share these ideas with your customers and encourage them to do their part to keep San Francisco beautiful.

  • Bring a reusable water bottle. San Francisco’s tap water comes from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and is tested over 100,000 times. Water refill stations are common around San Francisco, including attractions and hotels. A map of public refill stations can be found here.
  • Pack a lightweight reusable tote bag to avoid a $0.10 bag fee. All San Francisco businesses, including restaurants, are required to charge $0.10 for bags provided at checkout.
  • Familiarize yourself with local and regional public transportation systems to minimize your carbon footprint. Learn more about the basics of getting to and around San Francisco here.

Tips for Green Meetings

Planning a meeting in San Francisco? Hear are some easy ways to reach your sustainability goals.

  • Serve tap water at your events, instead of bottled water. San Francisco’s tap water comes from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and is tested over 100,000 times.
  • Think “green” when ordering promotional giveaway items and direct your vendors to use products made from post-consumer waste.
  • Make arrangements to donate excess food and other supplies to a local non-profit such as FoodRunners.
  • Promote walking and public transit to your attendees by sharing directions and instructions on your conference website. Attendees can use BART and Caltrain to get to many Bay Area destinations.
  • Encourage delegates to purchase one-, three- or seven-day Muni passes that are good for all Muni buses, light rail vehicles, historic streetcars and cable cars. Passes are for sale at the Visitor Information Center (747 Howard St.) or
  • Plan a corporate social responsibility component that supports the environment or gives back to the community.

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