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San Francisco Fact Sheet

Latest data available from the San Francisco Travel Association, California Department of Finance, the City and County of San Francisco, and other industry sources


Total visitors and convention participants (2016)(1)
25.2 million

Visitors in San Francisco per day (2016)(1)

Visitor spending in San Francisco per day (2016)(1)
$24.5 million

Total tourism direct spending (2016)(1)
$8.9 billion

Average daily expenditure for all visitors(1)

Visitor Spending per San Francisco household (2016)(1)

Number of convention delegates staying in hotels/motels (2016)(1)
2.6 Million

Total Convention Attendee Spending (2016)(1)
$1.2 billion

Total Exhibitor Spending (2016)(1)
$656 million

Total Meeting Planner/Hosting Spending (2016)(1)
$42 million 

Convention and meetings related spending (2016)(1)
$1.9 billion 

Average expenditure per convention delegate per day (2016)(1)

Average length of stay per convention delegate(2)

Average daily expenditure per general visitor staying in hotels/motels(2)

Top six producing domestic metropolitan statistical areas (2015)(3)
1) Los Angeles, CA
2) San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA
3) Sacramento – Stockton – Modesto, CA
4) New York, NY
5) San Diego, CA 
6) Washington, DC 

Average daily room rate (2016)(4)

Hotel occupancy (2016)(4)

Room demand (2016)(4)
10.5 million 

Transient room demand (2016)(4)
7.4 million 

Total group room demand (2016)(4)
2.6 million 

Moscone group room nights (2016)(22) (Group nights typically average one million room nights annually; the group room nights stated are a temporary decrease and due to Moscone Expansion.)

Self-Contained group room nights (2016)(4)
1.7 million 

Top five producing international markets(5)
1) Mexico
2) China
3) United Kingdom
4) Canada
5) Germany

Top reasons for visiting San Francisco(2)
1) Atmosphere and ambiance 
2) Friends and family in area
3) Scenic beauty
4) Restaurants and cuisine

Leading attractions visited(2)
1) Pier 39 
2) Golden Gate Bridge
3) Golden Gate Park 
4) Ferry Building 

 Leading activities(2)
1) Dine in restaurants
2) Shop
3) Visit a park
4) Visit friends and family 

Leading neighborhoods visited(2)
1) Union Square
2) Fisherman’s Wharf
3) Embarcadero
4) Chinatown

Purpose of visit(2)
Leisure/Vacation =  85.6% 
Business Travel  =  7.1% 
Meeting/ Convention = 7.2% 

For detailed profiles on hotel guests, VFR (visiting friends and relatives) and international travelers contact San Francisco Travel Association Media Relations Department; the information below is a compilation of all visitor categories:

Average Age

Average Annual Household Income

Average Length of Stay in City
2.5 Nights

First Time Visitors

Female = 51.2%
Male = 45%
Prefer not to answer = 3.7%

City of San Francisco

Major ethnic groups (2016):
White = 40.8%
Asian = 34.5%
Hispanic Origin = 15.3%
African American (Black) = 5.0%
Multiracial = 3.5%
American Indian = 0.1%
Pacific Islander = 0.4%
Other Races = 0.4%

Population of the nine Greater Bay Area counties: 
Alameda (1,647,704), Contra Costa (1,135,127), Marin (260,651), Napa (142,166), San Francisco (870,887), San Mateo (764,797), Santa Clara (1,979,402), Solano (440,207) and Sonoma (503,070)

Total Bay Area population

The weather in San Francisco is mild year-round with temperatures seldom rising above 70 degrees (21 degrees C) or falling below 40 degrees (5 degrees C). 

Daily Mean Temperature (F/C)

Month | Maximum | Minimum | Rainfall (Inches/cm)
January | 56.0/13.4 | 46.2/7.9 | 4.48/11.38
February | 59.4/15.2 | 48.4/9.1 | 2.83/7.18
March | 60.0/15.6 | 48.6/9.1 | 2.58/6.55
April | 61.1/16.2 | 49.2/9.6 | 1.48/3.76
May | 62.5/16.9 | 50.7/10.4 | 0.35/0.89
June | 64.3/17.9 | 52.5/11.4 | 0.15/0.38
July | 64.0/17.8 | 53.1/11.7 | 0.04/0.10
August | 65.0/18.3 | 54.2/12.3 | 0.08/0.20
September | 68.9/20.5 | 55.8/13.2 | 0.24/0.61
October | 68.3/20.2 | 54.8/12.7 | 1.09/2.77 
November | 62.9/17.2 | 51.5/10.8 | 2.49/6.33
December | 56.9/13.8 | 47.2/8.5 | 3.52/8.94
Annual Average | 62.5/16.9 | 51.0/10.6 | 19.33/49.10


Total area in square miles in the city of San Francisco
47.335 miles

Miles of shoreline(8)
29.5 miles

Miles of waterfront(8)
7.5 miles

Number of piers

Square miles in San Francisco Bay and Delta(9)
Ranges from 400 to 1,600 miles

Fog signals around the San Francisco Bay(9)
32 signals

Total square miles in Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA)(9)
82,791 acres

Miles of San Francisco streets(10)
1,088 miles


Recreational and open space within San Francisco
3,400 acres

Marina slips

Neighborhood parks

Playgrounds and play areas

High-rises (eight stories and above)(13)

Buildings designated historical landmarks (since 1967)(13)
266 buildings

Historic districts (Alamo Square, Blackstone Court, Bush Street Cottage Row, Civic Center, Dogpatch, Jackson Square, Liberty-Hill, Market Street Masonry, Northeast Waterfront, South End, Telegraph Hill, Webster St.)(13)
12 total


Moscone Center Total Square Feet Meeting Lobby and Exhibit Space = 992,123 sf
Lobby Pre-Function Space = 151,726 sf
Meeting Rooms = 107 

Completion Dates:
Moscone South --- December 1981
Esplanade Ballroom --- February 1991 
Moscone North --- May 1992
Moscone West --- June 2003


Hotel rooms available(4)
33,793 rooms

Number of hotels(4)
218 hotels


Average number of commuters daily(13)

Total number of licensed taxis permits (medallions as of 2016)(11)

Yearly cable car riders (2016)(11)

Cable cars
44 cars

Historic streetcars
45 cars

Route miles of cable car track
8.8 miles

Speed of cable car per mile
9.5 mph

Average weekday passenger boarding, San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni) (2016)(11)

8 bridges

Length of San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in miles
8.4 miles

Average number of vehicles crossing the Bay Bridge yearly(17)

Length of Golden Gate Bridge in miles, including approaches(17)
1.7 miles

Average number of vehicles crossing Golden Gate Bridge yearly (2016)(16)

Number of years it took to construct the Golden Gate Bridge
4 years


Annual passenger volume at San Francisco International Airport (2016)

Number of Flights (2016) = 204,904
International = 175,354
Domestic = 29,550

Total Seat Volume (2016) = 31,199,614
International = 23,948,976
Domestic = 7,250,638

Top 3 Domestic Airports of Origin by Number of Flights
1. Los Angeles International Airport = 33,884
2. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport = 18,017
3. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport = 15,372

Top 3 International Airports of Origin by Number of Flights 
1. Vancouver International Airport = 2,979
2. London Heathrow Airport = 1,962
3. Hong Kong International Airport = 1,605


Total visitors to Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) (FY 2016)(10)

Total visitors to Alcatraz (2014)(10)
1.5 million 

Victorian Houses


Restaurants with Michelin Stars (Bay Area)

Theatres in Bay Area(19)
300 theaters

Theaters in San Francisco(19)
98 theaters

BIRD: California Quail

CABLE CARS: Inaugural run August 2, 1873. Declared a National Historic Landmark on Oct. 1, 1964. Invented by Andrew S. Hallidie; restored June 21, 1984 after $60 million overhaul

COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES(20) --- University of California, Berkeley; San Francisco State University; Stanford University; California State University, East Bay; Academy of Art University; University of San Francisco; Saint Mary’s College of California; University of California, San Francisco; Golden Gate University; California College of the Arts; Dominican University of California; Notre Dame de Namur University; and dozens of other private institutions

COLORS: Black and gold

25 LARGEST BAY AREA COMPANIES (PUBLIC)(20) --- Apple, Inc.; McKesson Corp.; Chevron Corp.; Hewlett-Packard Co.; Wells Fargo & Co.; Alphabet Inc.; Intel Corp.; Cisco Systems Inc.; Oracle Corp.; Gilead Sciences Inc.; Facebook Inc.; PG&E Corp.; Gap, Inc.; Visa, Inc.; Synnex Corp.; Ross Stores, Inc.; Core-Mark Holding Co., Inc.; Applied Materials, Inc.; PayPal, Inc.; eBay, Inc.; Franklin Resources Inc.; Netflix, Inc.; Salesforce; VMware, Inc.; Symantec Corp.

ELEVATION: Highest Point: Mt. Davidson at 938 feet


FLAG: The phoenix rising from the ashes on a white field bordered in gold

FLOWER: Dahlia

FOUNDED: Presidio of San Francisco established Sept. 17, 1776; incorporated April 15, 1850

GEOLOGY: San Francisco for the most part rests on a foundation of sandstone, shale and volcanic rock. Large deposits of serpentine, official rock of California, are located in the Presidio

GOVERNMENT: Mayor (four-year term, two-term limit) and Board of Supervisors (11 members)

HILLS: There are 43 hills within San Francisco, major ones are: Twin Peaks (910' and 903'), Nob (376'), Russian (294') and Telegraph (248')

ISLANDS: Numerous islands are around the San Francisco Bay, 12 within city limits: Alcatraz; the Farallones, a group of seven islands; Treasure Island; Yerba Buena; Angel Island, shared with the city of Tiburon; and Red Rock

MOTTO: Oro en paz, Fierro en guerra (Gold in peace, Iron in War)

PATRON SAINT: St. Francis of Assisi

SISTER CITIES(21): Abidjan, The Ivory Coast; Amman, Jordan; Assisi, Italy; Bangalore, India; Barcelona, Spain; Cork, Ireland; Haifa, Israel; Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; Krakow, Poland; Manila, Philippines; Osaka, Japan; Paris, France; Seoul, Korea; Shanghai, China; Sydney, Australia; Taipei, Taiwan; Thessaloniki, Greece; Zurich, Switzerland

SONG:  Official - "San Francisco" | Official ballad - "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"


Steepest: 31.5 percent of grade, Filbert between Leavenworth and Hyde, 22nd Street between Church and Vicksburg 29 percent of grade, Jones between Union and Filbert 27.9 percent of grade, Duboce between Buena Vista and Alpine
Oldest: Grant Avenue
Longest: Mission Street, 7.29 miles
Widest: Junipero Serra Boulevard (between property lines), 254 feet9
Narrowest: De Forest Way, four and a half feet

Sutro Tower is the tallest structure at 981 feet, (its base stands 830 feet above sea level); Transamerica Pyramid is the tallest building at 853 feet; Mission Dolores, dedicated on Aug. 2, 1791 is the oldest

Service is not included in restaurant checks. The average tip is 15-18 percent of the total check. Standard service fees are becoming more common and a tip is sometimes included for groups of six or more. A recent San Francisco health initiative has impacted costs at local restaurants and diners may encounter an additional charge related to this. The average tip is 15 percent of taxi fare. The average tip for airport and hotel baggage handlers is $1 per bag one-way.

Sales tax is 8.50 percent; hotel fees in San Francisco include a 14 percent occupancy tax and 1 to 1.5 percent Tourism Improvement District assessment (depending on the location of the property).

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