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San Francisco Travel Asks Visitors to do Their Part With Safe Travel Pledge

San Francisco Travel is asking visitors to commit to safe and responsible practices by signing the new Safe Travel Pledge.


August 18, 2020 - San Francisco Travel, the city’s official destination marketing organization, is asking visitors to commit to safe and responsible practices by signing the new Safe Travel Pledge. The Safe Travel Pledge encourages future visitors to come to San Francisco and to do so responsibly. This pledge is designed to remind people not only of what to expect when they visit the city, but what is expected of them as well. 

Since launching on July 29, 420 people have proactively committed to the ten-point pledge to follow health and safety guidelines designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 62% of those who have signed the safe travel pledge live in California, with 32% being residents of San Francisco and 21% located in Northern California outside of San Francisco. 38% of those who signed are located outside of California. 

People signing the pledge proactively promise to abide by the following tenants for traveling and visiting safely: 

  • Wear a mask or other face covering when in public spaces.
  • Maintain physical distance from others while exploring the city.
  • Practice good hygiene to lower the risk of spreading or contracting disease.
  • Follow all local public health orders, even if they are different from the ones where I live.
  • Research the changes that local hotels, attractions, and businesses have made before I travel so that I can be a responsible visitor.
  • Support local businesses that form the character and culture of San Francisco's many different neighborhoods.
  • Use contactless payment methods wherever possible.
  • Be patient with and respectful to the workers in San Francisco's hotels, restaurants, and stores, who are all adjusting to new protocols and procedures.
  • Preserve and protect the places I visit by not littering or leaving things behind
  • Lead by example and share these practices with other travelers.

“As we prepare to welcome people back to San Francisco, we want to encourage visitors to do their part to keep themselves and our residents safe, too.  Our Safe Travel Pledge is a way for visitors to show that they are committed to traveling responsibly,” said San Francisco Travel President and CEO Joe D’Alessandro. “The fact that almost 40% of those who signed the pledge are potential visitors from outside of California shows that we are starting to reach people outside of California, and they are signaling that they want to travel safely as soon as the city is open for leisure travel.“

The San Francisco Travel Association is the official destination marketing organization for the City and County of San Francisco. For information on reservations, activities and more, visit or call 415-391-2000.  

For information on reservations, activities and more, visit or call 415-391-2000.    For more about San Francisco, follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please use hashtags #sftravel and #AlwaysSF.\

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