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San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is one of the world's great gateways, a trailblazing institution, and the place where you'll get your first taste of life in the Bay Area.

Get to Know SFO

Here are some fast facts about SFO that any traveler should know.

How big is SFO?

SFO is among America's largest airports. It has four terminals, with seven concourses between them. At one time, SFO's International Terminal was the largest in North America (1.8 million square feet!). 

How do I get around SFO?

Don't let its daunting size discourage you. SFO is an easy place to navigate. There is large, well-placed signage in every terminal and concourse directing travelers to gates, baggage claims, transportation services, food, restrooms, and other important amenities. 

You can move between terminals aboard SFO's AirTrain. The Red Line only travels between terminals, while the Blue Line also connects to parking garages and the rental car center. The AirTrain is free to ride and runs 24 hours a day, with trains arriving as frequently as every five minutes.

How do I get to SFO?

SFO is only 14 miles from downtown San Francisco. You can take a taxi or hire a ride share to get you there; but you can also save money by arriving at SFO via Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). A one-way trip from any downtown San Francisco station to SFO only costs $10. The SFO BART station connects to the International Terminal, where travelers can board the AirTrain and head to their gate.

Does SFO offer free WiFi?

Yes, it does! To connect in any terminal, simply open your device and select the WiFi network named #SFO FREE WIFI. Launch your preferred web browser and follow the prompts.

Can I sleep at SFO?

Sleeping in the terminal is uncomfortable, at best. But you don't need to! There are a number of hotels nearby, including the new Grand Hyatt at SFO. This luxury property has its own AirTrain stop, allowing you to easily move from the hotel to your gate without any hassle. 

Where can I learn more about SFO?

Information Booths for travelers at SFO are located on the Arrivals Level of all terminals. Information is available regarding ground transportation such as buses, taxis and shuttles, as well as cultural, recreational resources and activities in San Francisco and the Bay Area. The staff is multilingual and interpreters are available through a telephone language line. For complete information about SFO's services, ground transportation, and shopping and dining choices click on the links below.

Art on the Fly

Through the San Francisco Arts Commission, more than 65 permanent works by noted local, national and international artists are on display in the terminals. In particular, the International Terminal contains 17 permanent, museum-quality works that were commissioned for the site with $10 million in funds raised in accordance with the City and County of San Francisco's public art ordinance. These large-scale, architecturally integrated works, ranging from wall murals to light sculptures, mosaics to terrazzo, create distinct and inventive environmental spaces-within-a-space.

In addition, the International Terminal houses the San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation Library and Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum. Tucked in one corner of the Main Hall, and with virtually the same footprint as San Francisco's original 1937 air terminal, this restful spot provides a sanctuary for aviation buffs transiting through SFO or for anyone interested in the history of commercial aviation. Along with changing exhibits of aviation art and artifacts, the museum houses a collection of more than 6,000 volumes and scholarly works regarding the history of air transportation and SFO.

The International Terminal and Concourses

As a global transportation hub, SFO provides the ease and convenience of door-to-door travel, supported by its state-of-the-art International Terminal, direct-to-city public transportation on BART, and the AirTrain people mover, which transports passengers between terminals, garages and the Airport's rental car center transports passengers between terminals, garages and the Airport's rental car center.

With its soaring roofline and gleaming glass-and-steel exterior, the International Terminal building is a magnificent visual centerpiece at SFO. Flanked by two state-of-the art concourses, the entire complex is equivalent in size to 35 football fields and houses 24 gates to accommodate the airline industry's newest wide-bodied aircraft. Increased baggage handling capabilities and expanded U.S. Customs facilities help expedite passenger traffic: “Out of the door” transit time for arriving international passengers is 45 minutes or less. The International Terminal building also features ample flexible ticket counter space, making for smoother and shorter check-ins for departing international passengers.

Tour of San Francisco International Airport

The SFO terminal is a perfect place to start getting acquainted with San Francisco before you leave to the city, or wrap up before you return home.

What's New at SFO

Check the What’s New section frequently for information on new services, flight schedule additions, shopping and dining specials and upcoming events.

San Francisco International Flight Update

San Francisco is more accessible to international travelers than ever before thanks to the many new flights connecting SFO with cities around the world.

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