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Sponsor Opportunities
with San Francisco Travel

Sponsorship opportunities with San Francisco Travel allow you to increase brand awareness, drive consideration and align your brand values with our global reach, high-value audiences.

The San Francisco Travel Association is the official destination marketing organization for the City and County of San Francisco. We promote our destination globally by amplifying who we are: a place where people view the world through different lenses, embrace the new, experience the unexpected, and feel empowered to not just accept differences but celebrate them.

Our website receives more than 3 million unique visitors each year, accessing content to plan their trip and decide what to do. Amplified content targets leisure and business audiences from around the world.

Consumer content centers on our destination pillars—Iconic San FranciscoCulinaryDiversity, and Arts & Culture—and more. Our marketing plan utilizes a diverse mix of digital marketing channels beyond the website, including domestic and international social media.

San Francisco Travel has a strong presence on social media—with channels on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok—that reaches more than 1.25M people. Our email 128K+ email subscribers are highly engaged with an open rate of more than 25%

San Francisco Travel produces and attends hundreds of events, tradeshows, and sales missions each year, providing members opportunities to promote their businesses, gain valuable market intelligence, and build industry relationships.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships are a multi-channel integration with San Francisco Travel, beyond our membership packages. We look for alliances with brands to help extend our visitor reach and goals just as much as theirs, tailoring each sponsorship to surpass the shared goals of the sponsor and San Francisco Travel. Our sponsors find significant value in our global reach, high-value audiences, brand affinity, and customized assets and activation programs.

For more information on Sponsorship Opportunities with San Francisco Travel, contact:

Scott Streeter
Vice President, Global Partnerships and Strategic Alliances
San Francisco Travel Association

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