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Meeting attendees stand and stroll on a balcony at Moscone Center South in San Francisco.

The Moscone Center: A Hub Of Innovation

Host your meeting at The Moscone Center and join a proud history of ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting moments.

The Moscone Center has hosted some of the most important conventions and product announcements in recent memory, providing the space and amenities for businesses and organizations from the U.S. and beyond to celebrate their achievements and anticipate the future.


A critical provider of marketing, sales and cloud technologies on the national and global stages, Salesforce is now the world’s No. 1 customer relationship management company. Since 2005, the company’s annual Dreamforce conference has become a staple of the Moscone calendar, with attendees coming to San Francisco from all over the world.

Product demos, immersive trainings, and distinguished guests including former Vice President Al Gore and PG&E CEO Geisha J. Williams are just a few reasons people flock to Dreamforce.


Oracle is another premier software provider that helps its customers manage marketing, sales and commerce in the cloud. Oracle Openworld, the annual convention run by the database and cloud engineering giant, brings innovation and exploration to The Moscone Center each year.

Oracle has been holding Openworld events at Moscone since 1998, delivering a wide variety of demos and sessions to attendees. Each year, the company has also revealed their discoveries and new products to the world as they revolutionize the database and IT management industries. A diverse group of featured speakers, including physicists and CEOs from various industries, keep that tradition alive at Oracle Openworld 2018.


Google held its flagship I/O conference at The Moscone Center from 2008 to 2015. Attendees witnessed some of the most exciting events in the global giant’s history.

The first I/O included an introduction to the Android operating system, months before the release of the first mobile device that would utilize it. Android would go on to become the most popular mobile operating system in the world.


IDG’s Macworld conference, a premier trade show for Apple products and services, was held at The Moscone Center from 1985 to 2014. The popularity of the event grew as Apple did, and the tech giant was a major sponsor of the event even before the announcements of multiple products that would change the way people lived forever.

In 2001, Steve Jobs unveiled iTunes at The Moscone Center, heralding the age of digital music. Later that year, the iPod would be released, which would redefine the mobile experience as consumers knew it.

Apple returned to The Moscone Center to deliver paradigm-shifting news year after year. Macworld attendees were the first to be introduced to the iPhone in 2007, the Macbook Air in 2008, and other devices that have come to define modern life.


Microsoft Build, the company’s signature software development conference, has been held at Moscone four times since 2013, adding important milestones to the convention center’s history.

Some of the company’s biggest announcements were made at The Moscone Center, including the introductions of the Surface Pro and the digital assistant Cortana. These important additions to the Microsoft product suite solidified the focus on slimmer computing technology and AI-assisted lifestyles that modern consumers have come to expect.

Game Developers Conference

Mainstream audiences are much more aware of gaming today than they were when the Game Developers Conference first came to The Moscone Center in 2005.

Since 2007, GDC has become one of the most talked-about annual events in the gaming industry, providing a window into emerging and innovative gaming technologies.

Success at The Moscone Center has helped GDC to expand and add different events across the globe, including the Independent Games Festival, an award show celebrating the best independent game developers in the industry.

The Medical Community

Groundbreaking medical conferences continue to return to The Moscone Center. Esteemed organizations like the American Dental Association, Heart Rhythm Society, American College of Surgeons, and the American Psychiatric Association come to The Moscone Center to discuss and discover the breakthroughs that redefine modern medicine.

In the upcoming months, Moscone will host the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, and the Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium, among others. These organizations and others are booking years in advance to bring their attendees and their achievements back to San Francisco.

Looking Forward

San Francisco is a diverse and productive home for innovative companies, and The Moscone Center is where all of that innovation can be put on display. The latest renovations will increase The Moscone Center’s appeal in the eyes of businesses worldwide. New innovators and groups from a variety of industries are eager to add to the history of significant announcements made at The Moscone Center.  


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