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How Groups Are Learning About the Latest Industry Trends in the City That Is Setting Them

San Francisco’s culture surpasses expectations—it evokes imagination and provides moments of unpredictability for all who immerse themselves in it.

San Francisco’s culture surpasses expectations—it evokes imagination and provides moments of unpredictability for all who immerse themselves in it.

Inspiration is infused in so much of this city, from the Golden Gate Bridge to AT&T Park to state-of-the-art venues and hotels.

There’s a little bit of everything for everyone and every meeting group—mystic hills, the Pacific, the Bay, nightlife, world-class food, expressive arts, one-of-a-kind events and activities, shopping, infrastructure and, of course, technology.

In fact, some of the world’s hottest tech companies, like Salesforce, StubHub, Pinterest, DropBox, Twitter, Twitch and Airbnb, have put down roots in the San Francisco Bay area. From savvy startups to worldwide corporations, The City by the Bay is a seductive place to be, and meet. Groups are learning about the latest industry trends in the city that is setting them.

This progressive destination will host over 20 major technology conferences and summits in 2018, including the Internet of Things Summit, held at Parc 55 San Francisco, and Google Cloud Next '18, hosted at Moscone Center—one of San Francisco’s iconic venues with an exciting new expansion slated for completion in 2018.

Take the Silicon Valley Innovation Center and the Silicon Valley Immersion Program, for example. Designed for a high-impact learning experience for groups (varying in roles from boards of directors and C-level executives to corporate decision-makers and entrepreneurs), each custom program allows attendees to delve into emerging trends and disruptive technologies that impact their specific industries.

NYC-headquartered mass media and information firm Thomson Reuters recently met in San Francisco to take part in this program, looking to answer the questions of how and to what extent artificial intelligence (AI) technology impacts the need for human researchers. During the program, the group had an amazing opportunity to visit some of the most pioneering companies throughout San Francisco and surrounding areas. They visited enterprises like Google, Amazon, Western Union Digital, DocuSign and more. The multinational company’s key takeaways were real solutions for this "Man versus Machine" riddle, radical ideas, and perhaps most importantly, lasting impressions to inspire organizational change.

As mentioned in the group’s success story, “Once the program was complete, the senior leaders at Thomson Reuters felt extremely confident about the corporate innovation trends that affect their core business. They were able to change individual operations and create new business units to capture undiscovered market opportunities.” Thomson Reuters found solutions to keep their business cutting edge, and found them in a destination made up of “the most interesting 49 square miles on the planet.”

Innovation. Spirit. Beauty. Technology. It’s all in San Francisco.

Learn how to tap into the city of innovation. Reach out or find out more for yourself about San Francisco for your meeting.