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February 24, 2021
Aquarium of the Bay

CityPASS Offers Two Great Attractions at PIER 39

San Francisco CityPASS offers access to two great activities at San Francisco's iconic waterfront shopping, dining, and entertainment attraction, PIER 39.

Aquarium of the Bay

Touch the Bay exhibit: The magic of San Francisco Bay is literally at your fingertips here. In the touch pools, juvenile bat rays, leopard sharks, big skates and swell sharks await. The curious bat rays are known to pop their heads out of the water to take a closer look at visitors, who are welcome to touch the tips of the rays’ wings to see if they are scaly or smooth.

Under the Bay exhibit: Enjoy a scuba diver’s view of San Francisco Bay — without the scuba gear — in the aquarium’s most iconic exhibit, Under the Bay. In the first of two crystal-clear tunnel tanks, you’ll encounter a dynamic near-shore habitat teeming with swirling schools of anchovies, rainbow rockfish, various shark species, and the giant Pacific octopus, the smartest animal in the bay. The second tunnel introduces guests to the deeper waters of the bay, where five shark species, rays, sturgeon and more soar overhead or nestle on the sandy floor. And no one should miss the mesmerizing jellies, whose 725-gallon cylindrical tank is just inside the exhibit’s entrance. Soft ambient lighting and the jellies' own pulsating propulsion create a zen experience guaranteed to lower blood pressure.

Discover the Bay exhibit: From newly hatched skates to juvenile perch and other fishes, explore underwater newborns in the Discover the Bay area. The area’s other exhibits feature more than a thousand aquatic animals.

In addition to the CityPASS option ticket offering the Aquarium of the Bay, a second aquarium is part of the San Francisco CityPASS package. The CityPASS ticket to the California Academy of Sciences includes admission to an aquarium, a planetarium, a rain forest and a natural history museum, all housed under one earth-friendly roof.

Blue & Gold Fleet

CityPASS offers you a one-hour narrated Bay Cruise Adventure offering fantastic photo opportunities.

Blue & Gold Fleet's one-hour San Francisco Bay Cruise offers you breathtaking views sailing underneath the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, around mysterious Alcatraz and past Angel Island. Delight in the boisterous barking of the PIER 39 sea lions as they greet you. Discover points of interest about local landmarks from the expert narration included on each cruise as you sail by. Enjoy unobstructed views of the San Francisco skyline as you move about the boat, featuring indoor and outdoor seating.

The Aquarium of the Bay and Blue & Gold's Bay Cruise Adventure are both available as well in CityPASS's new and flexible San Francisco C3 option. San Francisco C3 by CityPASS is available as a mobile ticket and gives you the option to choose any 3 of 8 top attractions, while saving 38% off adult admission. Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

For more information on the San Francisco CityPASS program and its included attractions, visit

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