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Let the best of wine country come to you at these fantastic San Francisco bars, restaurants, and tasting rooms.

A glass of red wine being poured, with the San Francisco skyline visible out the window.
San Francisco is surrounded by wine country, which means great wine is always flowing in the city's restaurants and wine bars.

With Napa and Sonoma just an hour away, San Francisco has access to incredible vintages that pair well with everything offered across our mouthwatering culinary scene.

With its cool, grey ambiance and impressive wine selections, San Francisco is a great place to uncork a bottle.

Wine Pairing

  • Elevated experiences: Indulge in fine dining experiences at restaurants boasting extensive wine lists curated by knowledgeable sommeliers, offering perfect pairings that enhance your culinary journey.

  • Explore natural wine: Meet Kayla Abe, the owner of Shuggies Trash Pie + Natural Wine. At her one-of-a-kind restaurant in the Mission, she continues San Francisco’s spirit of sustainability and access to good food. 

  • Take a food tour: Many of these delicious San Francisco food tours offer pairings and specialty tours that focus directly on wine.

  • Wine with a view: Head up to the rooftop and enjoy these rooftop bars and their specialty wine menus with delicious bar bites! 

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